Cialis Samples For Free by Mail

By utilizing Viagra Best Buy’s website to obtain your generic Cialis, you have the option to get free Cialis samples before placing your order.

Most people know the amazing benefits of the drug Cialis. It has been used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) for millions of men all over the world, proving to be one of the most commonly used and effective ED medications on the market. However, the problem many people face is the prohibitive cost of the medication which prevents them from making a commitment upfront. Not sure whether the drug will work for them, and not willing to take the plunge without a guarantee, they remain stuck facing the same old ED problems that are so familiar to them.

What many people do not know is that they can get free Cialis samples mailed to their home, quickly and easily, and often without a prescription. Now, thanks to such offers being made available online, people everywhere can get access to this amazing drug, gaining full control over their lives and feeling confident in themselves.

How does the average individual get access to their own free Cialis samples, and what kinds of competing offers should they beware of to ensure they are getting the product they seek? The answer is not so difficult to find, and mostly a matter of arming yourself with the right knowledge. Take a look at the following guide to answer any questions you may have about getting your own free Cialis samples today.

Put your online pharmacy to the test — getting Cialis samples now

The first thing to understand about ordering medication online is the difference between generic and brand-name drugs. Most of the cheaper Cialis alternatives are generic, meaning they contain the same ingredients, same formulation, and same application as the original, but come under a different brand name. So what’s really the difference? Nothing at all. Many people use generic drugs because they are cheaper and work exactly the same as their counterparts.

If you are worried about the quality of a particular supplier, applying for free samples of their product is the perfect solution, allowing you to test the effectiveness before making a commitment with your wallet. The reason why online pharmacies make this offer is simple: in the competitive world of pharmaceuticals, companies are always working hard to gain your trust. Offering you a free sample is not only a good incentive to attract potential long-term customers, it is also a pretty good sign that the pharmacy is offering quality medication. If they are letting you test it out first, the results must speak for themselves.

So putting your chosen pharmacy to the test is definitely the way to go. While online reviews can be helpful, and general reputation can be a good indicator of quality, the ultimate test will always be your own judgment. Each individual body reacts to different medications in various ways, so gaining a direct understanding of the effects a generic brand Cialis will have on your system is key.

Qualifying for your mail-order Cialis samples

The best thing about sampling Cialis online is that there are very few qualification requirements to get started. In many cases, all you need is to be at least 18 years of age and have a mailing address. With all of the different online pharmacies competing for your business, it is not surprising that getting yourself set up with your own free Cialis samples is incredibly quick and easy. Most companies only require basic identification information including name, postal address, and occasionally email address and phone number. It is just the same as placing an order in one of the more popular online marketplaces, and in the same way, your pharmacy will want to get their product to you as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, the most important qualification is your own needs. If you find yourself suffering from erectile dysfunction and are looking for a cost effective way to find treatment, that is the best reason to get started on Cialis samples. The medication is low risk and widely available, so giving it a test run is a great idea.

In most cases, a shipping fee will come standard with your order, most often coming to a total of $29 to ship anywhere in the world. By the estimation of the millions of people who have benefited from the drug, it is a small price to pay for a life-changing solution.

Need a prescription for your Cialis sample?

Perhaps the greatest advantage of ordering free Cialis samples online is that you absolutely do not need a prescription in order to get started. Even if you live in a country that requires a valid prescription at a local pharmacy, ordering online will not. This is a major benefit to men who don’t want to speak directly with their doctor about obtaining Cialis, either for personal reasons or as a time convenience.

Ordering online is the only way to get free Cialis samples with 100% privacy and convenience. Information provided to reputable online pharmacies is completely secure. The medication is shipped directly to your door. Don’t hassle yourself with waiting rooms, awkward conversations with physicians, long and tedious trips to the pharmacy, and the constant fear that your private life will become public knowledge. Order online today and see just how convenient it is.

Ordering Cialis overseas — yes or no?

Short answer: yes. The wonderful thing about the web is that it connects people from all over the world, opening up new possibilities and offers that wouldn’t be available otherwise. It is one of the things that makes something like free Cialis samples possible. Connecting with a foreign pharmacy can often be a great way to find the best deal at the greatest convenience. However, just as with local online businesses, it is important to observe a few common sense rules when deciding who to give your business to.

The key is to treat it like any other product. Look for quality and quantity of customer reviews. Seeing what others have had to say in the past will give you a good idea of what to expect in the future. Even better, getting a recommendation from a separate online source can be helpful too, and give a slightly different perspective on the matter.

Another factor to consider is the history of the pharmacy. How long have they been around and how long have they been offering the drug you are looking for? If the information is not readily available on their website, getting in touch via email or phone is a good option.

Quick tips to consider before placing your order

So you know the hows and whys, but before taking the plunge and placing your order for Cialis samples, there are a few tips to keep in mind that will ensure the highest convenience, and most reliable success rate. There is a wide range of different companies out there making similar offers, so reading the fine print is important. If you know exactly what you are looking for beforehand, it will be that much easier to come out on top.

Yes, the whole point is to get access to a trial run of Cialis at a low money investment, so at the end of the day a failed trial run is not the end of the world. However, there are a few hidden costs that may be incurred if you are not careful. For starters, giving out your personal information online is never something that should be taken lightly. While it is safe to share such information with reputable suppliers, giving it out to others can lead to serious problems.

The other risk is simply wasting time. Some online offers will not work for you, so getting all the information upfront is the only way to make sure you are not barking up the wrong tree.

Pay attention to user reviews

As stated above, always check the site’s user reviews. The single most effective way to learn about a company’s history is to hear what its past customers have to say. This will safeguard against a few of the more common problems that come with trying out a new medication from an unknown pharmacist. The first being the quality of the medication itself. In reality, it is unlikely that online pharmacists will be sending out lower quality or counterfeit medication since it would be illegal for them to do so, but checking the quality and quantity of their customer reviews is the best way to make sure.

Aside from the medication quality, check to see what customers have to say about shipping time, customer service, or any other major factors you are interested in. Check to make sure reviews are current, within the last month or two at least and that most of them are positive. Look carefully at any negative reviews they may have — while a couple of dissatisfied customers is par for the course for most businesses, it may be a bad sign if they all have the same complaint.

Play it safe and take it slow

Once you have gotten your Cialis sample and have tried it out for yourself, you should know pretty quickly whether the medication is working for you. Cialis is actually one of the faster-working ED drugs available on the market, and should kick in within 15 minutes, and last for about four to five hours. If you are happy with the results, great, but it is important to remember not to get carried away. Starting out with a month’s supply should be plenty for the time being.

The reason to take it slow, even when shipping discounts may encourage you to stock up in a single go, is because it often takes time to understand the full effect a given medication will have on your system. Like all pharmaceuticals, Cialis has been thoroughly tested to ensure predictable results with each dosage. However, different side effects may be more prevalent in different individuals with different systems. Diet, sleep, physical activity and routine can all play a role in how it affects you, and taking a bit of extra time first is a good way to ensure that it will be the right choice for you in the long term.

Stick with trusted and tested pharmaceuticals

The name to remember when looking for name brand or generic Cialis is Tadalfil. While there are many alternative options on the market that will promise many of the same effects as Tadalfil, they may come with a range of different problems, or simply not work at all. Licensed pharmaceuticals go through a rigorous process of testing to ensure that they work the way they are intended to, don’t cause any harmful side effects, and work predictably all of the time for all people who use them. Any remedies that fall outside of this category are not able to make any promises about their effectiveness or safety.

In the best case scenario, alternatives to Cialis simply won’t work at all, and the only thing lost would have been your hard earned money. In the worst case, negative side effects can have a damaging effect on your overall health. Since it is difficult to regulate pharmacies that operate online, the only way to make sure you are getting a safe product is to stick with well-established medicines and reputable pharmacies.

The key benefit to sticking with name brand or generic brand forms of Tadalfil is security. You know what you are getting in each dose and you can rely on maximum privacy and no financial risk. Remember that anybody can market an alternative ‘home remedy’ as the real thing, without having any actual commitment to the results.

Pay attention to your dosage

A common dosage for Cialis is 20 mg, however, dosages coming in 2.5, 5, and 10 mg are also seen. Higher dosages tend to be for immediate action against erectile dysfunction. This is perhaps the most well-known way of using the drug as the effects are dramatic and long-lasting and it comes with the convenience of only needing to use it before anticipated sexual activity. Lower dosages may alternatively be taken once daily, to more generally reduce the effects of erectile dysfunction.

Whichever option works best for you during your free trial, make sure to pay attention to your dosage, the amount of time the drug takes to start working, and any major or minor side effects that come along with it. The key to forming a good relationship with a new medication is consistency. Once you take the plunge and make your first order of Cialis, you will want to replicate the conditions that worked for you the first time.

Read the fine print

Most online pharmacies will have you fill out a short form in addition to the personal information you provide. Often, this will be to ensure that you understand the effects of the drug and the intended usage, and to protect the pharmacy from negative outcomes due to misuse. However, as with all things online, there is always the risk of a whole host of unwanted add-ons if you click submit without first reading the fine print. This might be as minor as a bit of unwanted email, or as major as an additional charge on your debit card. So the golden rule is to take caution, especially when providing personal information.

But aside from internet scams, it is always a good idea to be as well informed as possible, when starting on a new medication. Cialis works so well because it has been specially-designed to fit its specific purpose. Because of this its effects and side effects can be very complex. Getting the most information you can about the drug, as well as the company providing it to you, is the best way to stay on top of your game.

Why a Cialis free trial?

It all comes down to reaping the rewards one of the most effective and affordable erectile dysfunction treatments on the market. Cialis is proven to be effective, and has made a difference in the lives of millions of men and their partners all across the world. And now that there are so many online pharmacies offering free Cialis samples without a prescription, it is easier than ever to enact the try-it-before-you-buy-it mindset and get a taste before committing. There are many specific benefits to trying a free Cialis trial:

  • You have the opportunity to try different pharmacies, to see which offers the benefits that are most helpful to you.
  • You can test out varying dosages to discover which suits your lifestyle the best.
  • Stay private and secure, saving yourself from making a trip to the doctor or pharmacy.
  • See if Cialis is the answer for you, without having to commit monetarily.

ViagraBestBuy is a trusted supplier of Cialis for buyers in the United States, with over 147,000 satisfied customers. For instance, after using our generic Cialis, Felix from Houston told us:

I feel like I’m in my twenties again!

For a small shipping fee, we can mail 10 x 20 mg Cialis pills to your door. By placing an order today, you will put yourself on the road to totally renewed vigor, and confidence like you have never experienced before.

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Viagra Samples For Free by Mail

By utilizing Viagra Best Buy’s website to obtain your generic Viagra, you have the option to get free Viagra samples before placing your order.

Erectile dysfunction (referred to as ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It is also sometimes referred to as impotence.

Occasional ED is not uncommon; it can come from a night of drinking, a stressful day at work, or a lackluster sexual appetite.

When it becomes a frequent problem, however, it can begin to interfere with your life, how your loved one perceives you, and how confident you feel about yourself.

Have you or a loved one experienced suffering from erectile dysfunction? First off, don’t be discouraged. Although it can be a frustrating, this often embarrassing occurrence can crop up at many points in a man’s life. Sometimes this medical inconvenience occurs because of stress or physiological issues, such as feeling inadequate in other areas of life – at work or at home. More often, it is related to a medical issue which makes it hard to obtain or maintain an erection.

According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 5% of men aged 40 and between 15% and 25% of men aged 65 experience ED on a long-term basis. According to studies, generic Viagra offers relief from erectile dysfunction in 87% of cases.

If you’ve decided enough is enough and have started researching your options, you may want to explore the option of a less expensive version of Viagra, a generic form which is available online by Viagra Best Buy, a generic pharmaceutical company based in India.

Here are suggestions, instructions and details on how to take the next steps in progressing to cure your erectile dysfunction at a low cost, and a risk-free trial.

There are many retailers offering erectile dysfunction meds online today. Some are more commonly known, and others are not. Some of these online retailers offer their product at comparable prices to pharmacies, some offer them at higher or lower prices. There is a variety of outlets online, and you may find those who have been around a long time offer the most credibility and best form of a product.

You may be asking yourself: with all of the options, how do I find the right online pharmacy for me? How will I know which is the most reliable for my needs? We think we know how to help you navigate through the waters of the online pharmacy world and help you to obtain your prescription in the most cost-effective, private way possible. As you read on, you will learn how to best identify the right place for you, questions to ask yourself along the way, and more.

First, make sure that a generic Viagra prescription will work for you.

Try free Viagra samples before you buy it

By utilizing Viagra Best Buy’s website to obtain your Generic Viagra prescription, you have the option to get free Viagra samples before placing your order. The company’s mission is to solve for ED issues as well as other health concerns and does not wish for you to purchase something that doesn’t work for you in the long term. It’s an easy way to try before you buy, by placing your 10 pack of free sample generic Viagra pills in your cart when visiting the website. There is a fee for high-quality shipping from India at $29.00. This is a small investment to make to progress towards your healthiest, sexual self by curing your ED for good. It is a great opportunity to confirm this medication will cure you of your medical condition before making a large purchase.

As we mentioned, Viagra samples are everywhere, ranging from high-quality to low-quality offers. Prior to ordering your first Viagra sample, make sure you follow these five key tips to keep your wallet and your health safe.

Always glance at the user reviews, even when getting your Viagra for free.

More often than not, free samples are a way to scam consumers into giving their address, email and information to the company for other reasons. The free sample may be of lesser quality or not the right prescription at all. By checking the user reviews, you can ensure that the product you’re investing in by paying for shipping is worth it.

Here is an example of a positive quality review you can hope to see from your website, from

Do you have any idea how horrible it is to want to do something but to be physically unable to do so? Viagra solved my problem. Harry, Idaho

Don’t just go out and buy a truckload of pills, even if the trial has been successful

You may be ecstatic after curing your often uncomfortable medical condition over the past ten occurrences, but it’s important to consult your physician and make sure he or she feels this medication is not only working for you, but not creating any other issues in your life. Side effects of the medication may affect each person who takes it differently, and it’s important to make sure your health is your priority.

The most common response to a successful free trial is to be put on a monthly prescription, and frequently check in with your physician every few months to make sure you’re still in healthy condition under the new medication. If you choose to keep your prescription out of your doctor’s hand (which is possible, as you’ll read later), keep tabs on your own health as you continue to purchase your medication online, and ask your loved ones how they think your behavior is. Has it changed any? Does your health look like it’s on a decline? Have you remained the same in their eyes? These are important questions to make sure you keep tabs on your own health.

When you’re out shopping for your samples, always prefer brand-name Viagra free samples or reliable generic ED meds.

It’s tempting to wish to try and continue to receive a ‘revolutionary new cure’ claim from a website promising you the world. It’s so tempting when your struggling with a medical issue to click “YES!” to any miracle free drug offering out there. However, it’s important to stick with what you know. Viagra has built a name for itself in the business for many years now and the reputation came with hard work, positive reviews and impactful outcomes for those who take the medication. Please remember to prefer the brand-name over the cheaper version, as we all know, you get what you pay for, your health should not come at a discounted rate.

Look closely at what you’re getting in your free Viagra sample packs

Questions you should ask yourself upon receiving your sample include: do the pills look comparable to those you’ve seen in images online? Is the packaging sustainable and of good quality? Are the medical ingredients listed on the packaging? Are the active ingredients the same as the name-brand pill?

These are just a few questions you should ask yourself upon receiving a free sample. Your overall wellbeing in health is not something to take lightly at the opportunity of a free product. You will find the name brand Viagra samples will have you feeling confident about what you are taking for your ED.

While you’re protecting your health, protect your wallet as well. Always check what you agree to when ordering your Viagra sample. It’s common on many websites to be offered a free trial, but immediately enrolled in a monthly subscription-based ordering system. Double check your “check out” screen to ensure you are only paying for shipping and that there are no additional charges being added to your account without your knowledge. It’s important to also check that the credit card entry is secured when entering the amount needed to pay for shipping. If you are second guessing the security of your personal information, utilize a secondary pay service, such as PayPal. You can also Google this site and check for any evidence that the payment or free sample is up to your standards of health and personal identification safety. Be sure to read the fine print of the website, be careful of what boxes you may be checking, and any additional items you may inadvertently sign up for. While there’s a small chance of you agreeing to something additional, it’s helpful, as always, to read the fine print. If you’re interested, there’s usually an option to sign up for their partners’ newsletters, special offers, etc; however, for most of us, that’s more information in our inbox that we’d like to avoid. It’s also important to avoid signing up for these things to continue to protect your privacy, as you may receive a special offer for Viagra medications on your smartphone while in the company of others. This is entirely up to you to use your discretion as you wish. Once identifying a secure website, there are many advantages of getting free Viagra samples.

Many advantages to getting free Viagra samples

The first advantage is the ability to test the product without making a large financial investment. In addition to this, online pharmacies have additional advantages over the current local drug store you may be using. Utilizing online ordering after enjoying your free sample of the prescription drug allows you to receive your medication at a lower price and if you are in need of other medication, there is a wider selection of medicaments. There is also a 100% privacy, unlike your local drug store, where you may run into a friend of family member while filing your prescription. While ED is nothing to be embarrassed of, it’s nice to know you have complete privacy when filing your prescription.

What do you need to do in order to qualify for a Viagra free trial?

Luckily, you do not have to do much to receive your free sample of Viagra. There are no clinical trials, surveys, or hoops to jump through. You simply need to find the right internet pharmacy online and place your order. You will, of course, go through the normal process of shopping online, but this time for a prescription that can rid you of your most embarrassing, uncomfortable problem. You will provide your name, your shipping information and at times your phone number, then the method of payment for your shipping. When requesting a free Viagra sample pack, please be aware that, as Viagra is prescribed for people of legal age or above, you should ideally be 18 or above if you want to order it.

You won’t need a doctor’s prescription to get a Viagra free sample!

In fact, very few internet drug stores will ask that you present your RX when ordering your prescription, including the option of free samples. This is a most definitively a benefit as you can now not only avoid a co-pay cost, but a seemingly painful conversation with your doctor, which could include numerous tests and having to talk about your private bedroom life. In addition, you have an added benefit of privacy as you also will not have to run into anyone you may know at the doctor’s office. What a great place the internet is!

Since our leading online pharmacy started up four years ago, we have satisfied over 147,000 happy customers. Our firm has risen to prominence as one of the foremost, most trusted and leading online pharmacies in the industry. We succeed in our aim of supplying high-quality generic medications at extremely affordable prices through our suppliers in India. Our suppliers adhere to the highest quality standards and have an impeccable reputation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Of course, this condition is often overlooked when you’re purchasing meds from online drugstores, a vast majority of which don’t request you to provide your ID or doctor’s prescription when you buy Viagra. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you wait until you are of legal age before starting to experiment with your sexual function.

Is it safe to order a Viagra sample from an online pharmacy abroad?

As the large pharmaceutical industry in the US charges Americans more and more, the proverbial wool is being pulled over their eyes by the government and the monopoly of drug manufactures that advertise their overpriced medications while not disclosing the full level of their products. These manufacturers fail to protect their patients’ safety, yet they pretend to be helping you for the greater good. The pharmaceutical industry exists for only one reason: to allow their stakeholders to continue to grow richer. This large industry is protected by the FDA and while they (the FDA) pretend to regulate it, they are truly in it for the interest of financial gain, along with the stakeholders and the banks who are also invested in the industry.

What is the difference between generic and name brand?

What is our generic form of Viagra? It contains the active ingredient Sildenafil citrate (Viagra brand name) that is tested and approved by the FDA. All our medications (generic ED tablets) have been investigated and approved by the FDA in India and have gained international certification. We’re here to help you get the help you need, without the large cost.

Here are a few testimonials from our satisfied 147,000 customers – and counting! These individuals utilized our free samples, then continued to order their prescriptions online, saving time and money, and avoiding any awkward encounters at the pharmacy.

Don’t waste your money on the brand-name stuff. Get generic Viagra like I did. It works just as well!Kevin, Indiana

Hi! I’m from down south. My own Southern extremities weren’t working so well, but your generic Viagra has given me my Mojo back! Gary, Louisiana

In summary, you can be as confidential as you choose while ordering your free Viagra samples online. Without erectile dysfunction, you can feel confident, alive and without fault. You can wipe away your previous insecurities and continue to live confidently, in and out of the bedroom. You can obtain these samples without a prescription, as long as you are 18 years of age, but are welcome to also consult with your doctor if you choose. You will be able to remain confidential without the watching eyes of friends or family at the doctor’s office, or local drug store. It is highly likely, with the 87% success rate, that your ED problems will be solved with the help of generic Viagra, and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy, sexual life at home. You will also be able to save money on your prescriptions by ordering them at a low cost online.

We hope to help you to our free Viagra samples online. We look forward to serving your needs at a lower cost and more confidential website.

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Finding the least expensive Viagra online

With brand name Viagra distributors dishing out their products at $25 a pill, many American men are in search of a cheaper alternative that will allow them to alleviate their erectile dysfunction (ED) when and where they need to. However, when looking for Viagra, the best price options will only be uncovered after an investment in careful research and with a little insider knowledge. The key is understanding how generic medications, patent law, and international pharmacies all play a role in the global pharmaceuticals market, and can affect your ability to save.

ED doesn’t have to mean the end of an otherwise successful love life. Millions of men all over the world have found relief in generic Viagra. And while a few barriers end up separating many from the solution they are seeking, new trends in e-commerce are opening new doors all of the time. The key to successfully incorporating a new pharmaceutical into your life comes from a combination of understanding the uses and benefits of the drug, knowing what potential problems to watch out for, and learning how to get your hands on it as cheaply and easily as possible.

Continue reading and discover a few important tips that will help you find the least expensive Viagra for ED relief without draining your bank account.

The history of Viagra and how it can help you

More than a quarter century ago, the Pfizer corporation produced a chemical compound called sildenafil citrate. Originally, their goal was to produce an effective medication for the treatment of different forms of heart disease, and although their new drug proved to be ineffective for this particular purpose, researchers quickly discovered that it could serve as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction in men. In 1998, when it became available across the world under the brand name Viagra, it immediately gained notoriety as the first effective treatment for those seeking a boost in their sexual performance.

Since then the sale of Viagra in the United States has been controlled by Pfizer’s original patent, which does not expire until 2019. This means that prices for this in-demand drug will remain strictly controlled by the company, and likely remain around its current $25 per pill price for sales in the US. All countries around the world have different patent restrictions that pertain to the sale of Viagra, and India is one of those that allow unrestricted sale of the generic version of the drug, for whatever price the pharmacy chooses.

In the early 2000s, the rise of the digital marketplace found a solution for American buyers who couldn’t afford the large price tag on brand name Viagra, by offering generic forms of the medication through online pharmacies in countries like India. For a fraction of the cost of the brand-name product and available completely without a doctor’s prescription, online shoppers were able to find a cost-effective solution to their ailments.

Today, the online pharmaceutical market is only growing and continuing to expand its benefits to Viagra buyers everywhere. Through expedient shipping, low prices, best selection, and the opportunity to obtain free trial samples, international sellers have found a definitive edge over their American counterparts. The only struggle today is bridging the gap between the US and foreign market, and educating this growing buyer base about all of the unique benefits.

About generic drugs – Finding the least expensive Viagra online

Generic drugs are formulated the same way as their brand name versions, and can be expected to have the same effect. Though generic Viagra is not available in the US, offshore pharmacies offer safe and reliable alternatives at the lowest possible prices. Although concentration may differ from pharmacy to pharmacy, any drug sold as sildenafil citrate is legally required to conform to a series of rigorous production standards.

How can I find the cheapest options of Viagra available?

Because of the popularity of erectile dysfunction medications, many of them are available through online pharmacies in India at up to 98% cheaper than in American pharmacies. However, the search for the absolute best prices will only end after thorough research into the many different options that are available. Luckily, there are a few tell-tale signs that a savvy Viagra buyer can watch out for. Although not all pharmacies will be able to offer you every single benefit on your wish list, it helps to prioritize and figure out what matters most to you. Think about which of the items from the following list will most affect your Viagra use.

  • Free Viagra sample – reputable sellers will always make it their priority to offer their product in as easy a way as they possibly can. For online pharmacies, one key tactic is offering free trial samples of Viagra to new customers who are looking for a try-it-before-you-buy-it experience. In many cases, customers can get their trial sample free of charge, and for only a small shipping fee. Different pharmacies will offer samples of varying sizes and strengths, so looking for an option that gives you the biggest bang for your buck is definitely in your best interest.
  • A top-notch online pharmacy – once you find a pharmacy you trust, getting consistent results becomes simple. One of the greatest benefits of buying Viagra through international pharmacies is the ability to compare benefits of competing companies. If shipping time is your core concern, you can pick out a company that ships quickly to your door. If the best customer service is your goal, look and see what each site’s online reviews say. In time, you will be able to narrow down your choices and end up with the very best available. Think about the following benefits when making your decision.
  • Certified and approved by the leading authorities in the industry – the best online pharmacies will let you know about all of their official certifications. Look for FDA approval to make sure you are getting a safe and reliable product. While track record and customer feedback can go a long way toward proving the quality of a drug distributor, getting the OK from the experts is always going to be a major reassurance for health-conscious buyers.
  • Fast Viagra shipping to the USA – don’t bother with pharmacies that leave your order hanging for weeks on end. Find a professional distributor who will be able to ship you their product in just a couple of days. While shipping times will vary depending on the part of the world your pharmacy is located, most companies will be able to get your order to you in just a few weeks. Also, businesses that offer expedited shipping are a bonus, as the extra cash is often worth it, if it means saving time.
  • Keep track of your shipments – today it is more common than ever for international businesses to offer tracking on shipments that allow their customers to know where exactly their purchase is. With just a few simple clicks, companies can offer all of the important information about shipping for anyone that needs to know.
  • Guaranteed privacy – maintaining the privacy of our personal lives is a priority for many people, and the best generic Viagra suppliers understand this. Discreet packaging and billing information keeps all purchases secure and under wraps, meaning buyers won’t have to worry about nosy neighbors.
  • Without a prescription – although it is often wise to consult with a doctor before taking a new medication, those that want to avoid a potentially awkward conversation with their physician need not worry. Many international pharmacies don’t require a prescription for Viagra. It all comes back to simple philosophy, which is that the customer is the best judge of their medical needs.
  • Verified reviews only – e-businesses that are confident in their product don’t need to stock their customer feedback page with fake reviews. Quality pharmacies let their customers be heard, and let the quality of their medication show through. While a few negative reviews are nothing to worry about, one should definitely beware of sites that have clearly fake reviews.
  • Secure payments – a reliable online merchant is one that is able to guarantee the most secure transactions possible. This is another factor that can be checked through customer reviews, or else look for advertised security systems the website has in place. Online businesses that take pride in their security features will usually find a way to communicate them loud and clear to their buyers.
  • A good refund policy – trustworthy pharmacies understand that buyers looking for generic Viagra online [] only have one thing on their minds: finding the highest quality product for the best price. So, it stands to reason that if the pharmacy is proud of their product, they will have no fear in offering a generous return policy. In the best case scenario, your medication will only be taking a one-way trip, but it always pays to have a backup plan.
  • Viagra best price – it shouldn’t come as a surprise that nearly every generic Viagra seller will claim to have the lowest prices available, but a bit of web browsing will quickly reveal whether or not these claims are substantial. When comparing prices, make sure to factor in all of the hidden costs like shipping and processing.
  • Returning customer benefits – many offshore pharmacies will offer loyalty benefits to customers who buy in bulk or make frequent orders. You might not have a clear idea about how much of the medication you will be going through right off the bat, but after a few shipments, saving an extra $25 or so will go a long way.
  • Other freebies – some companies will offer free pills with every order, while others will offer discounts on shipping. Depending on your own situation, one benefit might end up making more of an impact than another, so thinking carefully about which suits you best is key.
  • Reputation – Viagra users who have experienced success will often want to share their story with the people who made it possible. Scan your seller’s website for testimonials or in-depth customer reviews that can shed some light on their past success. Viagra in all its forms is proven to be effective on 96% of men, so any provider has a pretty high standard to match.
  • Easy checkout – don’t waste your time with confusing payment processes, or difficult to navigate web layouts. Many online pharmacies today base their checkout system off majorly successful distribution giants like Amazon, making most buyers feel right at home with their interface. If this is an online destination you plan on visiting again in the future, make sure it is one that feels intuitive and enjoyable.

About Viagra

Making a good decision when shopping for the best priced Viagra on the market also means having an in-depth understanding of the drug, including how it works, what it can be used for, and any potential side effects that users may experience. It is important to remember that Viagra has been a pharmacy staple for over 25 years, so it comes with a large body of reliable data that can help guide potential users.

How does Viagra work?

Some people believe that Viagra is designed to stimulate feelings of arousal in users, but this is a misconception. In actuality, the drug allows individuals who experience erectile dysfunction to achieve and sustain an erection. In males who experience healthy arousal, the erectile tissue in the penis gives off a chemical enzyme which is called cyclic guanosine monophosphate. This compound relaxes the muscles within the penis and allows additional blood to circulate more freely, stiffening and elongating the tissue.

Choosing the right dosage

While generic medications are formulated to work in the same way as brand-name drugs, there is a spectrum of different formulations and strengths that are available. Pills and capsules come in standard sizes of 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg, which will all have differing ranges of effect on different individuals. When trying Viagra for the first time, the safest and most reliable method is to start with a 25 mg dosage and work your way up. Once you find the strength that suits your needs best, do not take a stronger dosage. When switching between different brands of Viagra, check the concentration of the new brand to see if it matches up with the brand you are used to. It is often wise to return to a lower dosage when switching to a new brand.

Incorporating it into your sex life

Make sure to read the instructions on the package first, as the supplier should take responsibility for informing their customers on proper usage. This label will be able to warn you about potential side effects and other dangers associated with the drug. Generally, pills should be taken a half hour before sex and work best on an empty stomach. Viagra should not be used by those who do not experience erectile dysfunction, and should never be used more than once a day. If you have questions about your dosage or about proper usage, consult your doctor. Individual medical background or additional medications may affect Viagra use.

What to watch out for

Most of the side effects associated with Viagra are not serious. Mild back pain, headaches, or sore stomachs are experienced by some users. In rare cases, heart arrhythmia, vision impairment, allergy symptoms, or an erection that lasts longer than five hours may afflict some users. In these cases, it is important to get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible.

Should I talk to my doctor before use?

Ordering Viagra online does not require a prescription, although many users still find a consultation with their doctor valuable. Your physician will be able to key you in to any existing health problems that can affect Viagra use, as well as recommend a dosage that is most appropriate for you. One of the main reasons some men prefer to order their Viagra online is to avoid sharing their personal details with a doctor, or needing to make an in-person visit to the pharmacy. If you feel strongly about this, an online purchase of Viagra will be ideal for you.

Starting today

Erectile dysfunction affects millions of men across the world, making Viagra one of the most popular pharmaceutical supplements sold on the market today. If price and accessibility are the only things holding you back, turning to offshore pharmacies is likely the best solution for you. Skip the doctor visit, the trip to the pharmacy, and the outrageous costs by choosing a web-based supplier to fill your needs.

Now that you have armed yourself with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, it is only a matter of selecting the best pharmacy from the long list that exists online. Customize your own personal checklist to find out which factors matter most to you, and then seek out the company that matches your needs best. With an entire world of generic Viagra online suppliers at your fingertips, you won’t face a shortage of options to choose from.

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Prescription-free Viagra offers relief to men in the USA

Have you experienced erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the main reasons why many men across the world feel unsatisfied or under-confident in their relationships. It can be difficult to talk about with friends, family, or even doctors because of how personal the problems is. Without any other alternative to turn to, many choose to either leave the problem untreated, or else pay extreme prices for brand name medication.

The effects of ED go beyond the inability to achieve an erection. The emotional consequences of an unfulfilled sex life can deteriorate relationships and lead to broader problems like depression. Without understanding the full effects of this disease, it is far too easy to ignore it.

The good news is our digital culture is bringing a whole new wave of solutions for those who are eager enough to seek them out. International pharmacies providing generic brand medications are, for the first time, allowing men to get the medication they need without embarrassing conversations with their doctor, time-wasting trips to their local pharmacy, or impossible monetary costs.

A solution to the problem

What many men with erectile dysfunction don’t know is that there is another solution that could work for them, that does not require a trip to the doctor or pharmacy and will not leave them broke. As long as you are able and willing to make a commitment to careful research and smart decision-making, it is possible to find generic Viagra for a fraction of the name-brand variety’s cost. You won’t have to sacrifice quality or safety. By working through an international pharmacy, you will find access to the same professional standards delivered by your local supplier. It is a solution that millions of men throughout the US have tried, and many are happy they did.

Starting out on the right foot means arming yourself with all of the knowledge you will need to get your own Viagra without a prescription. With a wide variety of benefits that can be found through international pharmacies online, you will be shocked by how easy it can be. Continue reading and answer any lingering questions you may have.

Why now is the right time to act

The timing of these breakthroughs has to do with two major factors—American patent restrictions that control the sale of generic Viagra in the United States, and the rise of technologies that support international e-commerce.

The US patent for Viagra is held by the Pfizer corporation, and does not expire until 2019. This prevents pharmacies from selling cheaper alternatives of the medication before that time. And although the time when generic Viagra will be available to American men is in sight, those who are currently affected by erectile dysfunction may not be willing to wait years for relief.

On the other side of the coin, the rise of has brought an entire range of e-commerce options to online buyers, allowing for easy ordering, expedient shipping, and reliable service. Today, the reality of looking across the globe for medication options is more within reach than ever, lessening the restrictions posed by US patent law.

About offshore pharmacies

The main point to understand when it comes to offshore pharmacies is that they come will all of the legitimacy of pharmacies in the US. While there are a number of disreputable sellers online, certified providers of generic Viagra can be spotted easily, as long as you know what to look for. Here are a few of the major features that quality and trustworthy offshore pharmacies will have.

  • No prescription required – While saving money is perhaps the biggest reason behind the advent of generic medications, the fact that they are available without a prescription is definitely the biggest convenience. Online pharmacies processing your order outside of the US will be able to send you your first shipment with as little as a mailing address and payment information. It is the best way to maintain your privacy as well as being an excellent time saver.
  • Worldwide shipping – Often based in countries as far away as India, quality offshore Viagra suppliers know that the success of their business lies in convenience. Getting your medication shipped to your door is what sets these services apart, and plays a big role in maintaining your privacy. Not having to make the extra trip to your local Walgreens is a benefit that is easy to understand. And even though your order is traveling from the other side of the globe, efficient pharmacies will be able to ship in as little as two days, and get the product to your house in a matter of weeks.
  • Free trial samples – Believe it or not, a large number of online pharmacies offer completely free trial samples of generic Viagra. This is good news, not just because it offers a way to get a first-hand experience of the product before making a commitment, but it speaks volumes for the company’s confidence in their product. The whole idea is that satisfied customers will keep coming back for more, and so making a strong impression right off the bat can only help long-term sales.
  • Certified and FDA approved – When dealing with a top online pharmacy, you shouldn’t have to hunt for very long before finding information on their certifications and FDA approval status. Pharmacies that don’t have physical locations need to work extra-hard to gain the confidence of new customers, and it is these forms of validation that do just that. After a bit of experience looking through a few of these websites, distinguishing between the legitimate businesses and the scam sites will only become easier.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – This has to do with the level of confidence that comes with the offer of free trial samples. In short, pharmacies that are putting out a quality product have nothing to fear when it comes to dissatisfied customers. Because erectile dysfunction is such a serious disease, an effective treatment with only be met with the utmost gratitude on the part of the customer. In reality, pharmacies who are offering a satisfaction guarantee, almost never have to actually put it to use.
  • Customer rated – Fancy certifications are all well and good, but when it comes down to it, the thing that matters most is the opinion of people just like yourself. International pharmacies that have been in business for a while will usually have a number of customer testimonials to offer, which speak to the quality of their product and the extent of its effectiveness. But even better are the product reviews that users are able to leave directly on the site. A good sign of confidence is a business who isn’t afraid of letting their critics speak their mind. Once you hear the flip side of the argument, you can make an informed decision about the product for yourself.
  • Low cost – Because of the freedom from patent restrictions as well as a variety of manufacturing costs that exist in the United States, offshore pharmacies are much lower in price than their American counterparts. Prices that range from $2 to $5 per pill are common, and certainly fair to expect from a pharmacy you are just beginning a relationship with. Depending on the country of origin, shipping costs can vary widely, though this is easily offset by the reduced cost of the medication itself.
  • Completely safe and legal – Gaining the trust of the American consumer has been one of the biggest hurdles that stands in the way of connecting international pharmacies with buyers around the world. Truth be told, the disreputable companies that do exist are small in number, and not any more common than those that exist here in the United States. All in all, companies selling medications from India and other countries hold themselves to the same standards as medication providers anywhere else.
  • Friendly, professional, and efficient – What is true of any other business is certainly true here—don’t waste your time with a company that is not willing to offer the very best in customer service. Checkout should be efficient and easy, while any and all questions should be answered promptly by knowledgeable online staff. When it comes to dealing with a medication as crucial as Viagra, these companies should be prepared for a range of questions from different sources.

And while there are hundreds of pharmacies that fit this description across the internet, there is also a fair share of those that are only looking to make a quick buck, without regard for quality or customer satisfaction. While of course such businesses can come in all shapes and sizes, a few distinct types are seen more commonly than the others, and sometimes pose a significant threat. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these possible threats, so you can mitigate your own risk of experiencing them first hand.

  • The counterfeiters – Counterfeit medication is perhaps the largest problem plaguing the international pharmaceutical market today. Simply put, counterfeiters are those who knowingly sell a product as something that it is not, as a means to widen their profit margin. In the best case scenario, counterfeit medication will have no effect on the user at all, leaving as big an impact as one might expect from a sugar pill. However, when ingesting an unknown substance, the potential risks can run much higher. This is why it is crucial to stick with at trusted supplier such as so that you always know what you are getting.
  • The imitators – A step down from suppliers of counterfeit medication are the imitators—a group of savvy entrepreneurial who will offer a product that claims to have all the same benefits of the real thing, but doesn’t. In some cases, it is fine to explore alternative solutions to old problems, especially when effective treatment has not previously been found. But it is best to beware of products that claim to have miraculous properties, but with little proof or reputation to back up these claims. Always be sure to do your research before making the commitment to a new product, and when possible, stick with the solutions you know work.
  • The corner-cutters – In some cases, pharmacies will try to save money by watering down their product without informing their buyer base. Frequently, buyers are still getting the medication they signed up for, but just in a lower dosage than they expected. So while the safety risk is low, the fact is you are not getting your money’s worth. While most generic medications come in a variety of dosages, it is important to know how much of a substance you are ingesting, and that any labeling is clear and accurate. Stay away from pharmacies that you suspect of offering drugs that are not exactly what they claim to be.
  • The scam artists – And finally, there are the outright scammers, who are just here to take your money without offering anything in return. The world of online pharmaceuticals does not have a particularly high risk of such sellers, but it is an important factor to consider whenever making a purchase online. Always be sure to stick with companies who have a reputation, or who you can verify with a trusted source.

The easiest way to keep yourself protected from any of these risks is to only offer your hard-earned money to those pharmacies who are able to prove their reputation. Different certifications, testimonials, or customer reviews may vary from business to business, but the point is, any pharmacy that has a reputation worth bragging about certainly will.

The question of a prescription-free Viagra—yes or no?

  • By now it should be clear that finding prescription-free Viagra is relatively straightforward, even if the final decision of which pharmacy to choose does take a bit of research and careful planning. The freedom from doctor’s prescriptions is a great step in the evolution of the international pharmaceuticals market, and has only served to open up new possibilities for men across the world.
  • However, even when a prescription is not necessarily required, there are many cases when a doctor’s input is still quite valuable. It is up to the individual to decide exactly when and where they want to include a third party into this personal decision, but there are certainly a few cases where such input can be a big help. Decide for yourself if any of these scenarios applies to you:
  • Deciding your dosage – The question of dosage is one that any first-time user of Viagra will have to confront at some point or another. When starting out, it is often a good idea to begin with a low dosage and work your way up, to avoid overloading your system with a drug it has no previous experience with. However, doctors will be able to offer more accurate guesses as to what size dosage will be best for your case. This will help keep you safe, as well as serve as a time-saver. Honing in on your perfect dosage will mean finding the relief you need sooner.
  • Knowing your body – It has been shown that 98% of men who use Viagra find it to be an effective treatment for their erectile dysfunction. However, everyone’s body is different, and understanding how your previous medical experiences, existing conditions, or other factors will play into your experience of the new drug is important. Our bodies are complex ecosystems, and it takes a trained professional to understand them fully. Making sure you have as much knowledge as possible when starting out is a great strategy.
  • Understanding ED – If you have questions about erectile dysfunction, or want to learn more about how it could be affecting your love life, a doctor is a great person to turn to when seeking help. Although many men feel embarrassment in such conversations, the benefit of getting a professional perspective cannot be overestimated.
  • When there is a problem – Finally, it is important to contact a doctor immediately when experiencing any unusual side effects from the medication. Erections that last longer than five hours can potentially be damaging to your system and it is important to get in touch with a doctor as soon as possible in this case.

Take your fist step today

Now that finding prescription-free Viagra has become easier than ever, our global landscape of pharmaceutical solutions is growing more and more diverse. Getting started is easier than you might think, even if the initial amount of information may seem overwhelming at first glance.

Those who have tried generic Viagra without a prescription are among the millions of men across the world who have found relief to the problem that has been affecting their love life for so long. While erectile dysfunction can play a major role in the loss of sexual intimacy and male confidence, there is no reason why it needs to continue doing so. Especially when brand-new solutions are becoming ever-more available to those with the patience and drive to seek them out. Do not hesitate any longer; get our free Viagra samples now!

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Buying Generic Viagra Online at a USA Pharmacy

Are you interested in saving money on your erectile dysfunction medication? Buying generic Viagra online at a USA pharmacy may be the solution you seek. People in the US spend hundreds of billions of dollars each year on medications like Viagra. It only makes sense to save money any possible way, including from an online vendor at a low price. However, with all the options available online, it may be difficult to navigate to a company you can trust. There are a few things you should know before you make that purchase.

Why generic Viagra is so cheap

100 tablets of 100 mg brand name Viagra from a US pharmacy can cost you as much as $$2,000. If purchasing brand name products in large quantities in order to keep your sex life alive is not an option due to a limited budget, do not give up hope just yet. The news has been all abuzz the past few years about generic sildenafil, which is the main ingredient in the Viagra brand medication. Now, it is possible to obtain the same great drug that will provide the same great results and a price that will not break the bank.

The cost of this generic drug is as little as one-tenth of the price of the original brand name pill. The huge price gap has left some people skeptical, but there is really nothing to fear.

There are many misconceptions about the term “generic”. In reality, every drug on the market could be called generic. The word denotes a substance that is used in a popular brand name drug that is being produced by a different manufacturer under the generic name. The production standards remain the same and are subject to system regulations as the brand name version.

The price gap is caused by the brand name attempting to recoup invested funds. Development of a drug is a complex and costly process. The initial manufacturer must pay for research, development, branding, testing, patenting and promotion. The patent allows companies to set their own price levels in order to acquire maximum revenue that covers these development costs. With no alternatives available, consumers have to pay the high prices.

Once the patent has expired, more cost-friendly options become available to consumers. Generic manufacturers do not have any investment costs to recover and the competition becomes more severe. Thus, the price of the drug plummets.

Generic medications have been around for many years. The composition, dosage, safety standards and applications are all the same for both the generic and brand name products.

The benefits of buying generic Viagra online

The obvious benefit of buying generic Viagra online is the money that you save. This is especially true for those that use the drug on a daily basis. Stocking up on large quantities of generic Viagra is much more affordable than the brand name alternative. In addition, when buying in bulk, many vendors will toss in some bonus pills for free.

When shopping online for ED medication, the broad range of available types of sildenafil offers quite a challenge. Yet, this just may be a blessing in disguise. The more diverse the options, the easier it is to achieve precise and targeted results over the course of the therapy. The intensity of the drug can be altered through an increase or decrease in dosage. In addition, a tweaked formula can help with some side effects. These are not options that are available when you buy brand name.

The effectiveness and safety of generic Viagra is identical to the original brand name product. With the multitude of forms, it is easier to adjust dosage to fine-tune compatibility and safety on a case-by-case basis. However, it is still crucial that you consult your doctor or confirm the appropriate dosage.

One of the most important benefits of buying generic Viagra online is the privacy that it allows. If you are not comfortable with the dialogue that others may hear at your local brick-and-mortar pharmacy, the best choice for you is to shop online. The pills are shipped to your home discreetly in unmarked packaging and no one will have a clue as to what you are buying. You can even sign up for automatic refills to avoid any added hassle.

How to shop for generic Viagra online safely

To put it in simple terms, an online pharmacy is a prescription drug vendor that is based on the internet. This can include both legitimate and unlawful companies. These online pharmacies sell products at lower prices because they are able to provide service to a broader clientèle through a single central location; thus eliminating the network costs of local pharmacies.

With the cost of medication so high in the United States, many people turn to online pharmacies to save money. There are actually thousands of available options and many of these companies are legitimate, but some are not.

Unlawful online pharmacies do not have anyone checking in on them to make sure they are in compliance with regulations and laws. This also means that they may not be sending their customers the right products. .

The risks are high when dealing with a fraudulent online pharmacy. In some cases, the wrong dosage may be sent. Other times, labels may be incorrect or missing. There have even been reports of customers receiving completely different products than those they ordered. Some have even received sugar pills, or placebos, which do not contain any active ingredients. Therefore, it is vital that you know the way to separate the unlawful companies from legitimate online pharmacies.

To ensure that you are purchasing your generic Viagra from a legitimate online pharmacy, there are a couple of things to note. A legitimate company will accept payment from a variety of methods, including credit card. Be wary of those that only accept direct deposits from your bank account. Also, keep in mind that most reputable online pharmacies are not going to send you annoying messages to pollute your email inbox with solicitations to purchase erectile dysfunction drugs. In addition, make certain that the company has an actual street address and watch out for those that only have a post office box.

Myths about purchasing generic Viagra online

Long before the world was dominated by the internet, people were using mail-order pharmacies to obtain low-cost medications. The online pharmacies of today are essentially the natural extension of that idea. It is the same as ordering from a website instead of a mail-order catalog for any other product that you may purchase online.

Prior to the internet, mail-order pharmacies were made available to people to take advantage of the convenience and affordable pricing that they offer. These days, it is quite common to purchase prescription drugs over the internet from online pharmacies.

It is possible to place orders for the medications you need any time, day or night. In just a few days, the drugs arrive in your mailbox. It is as simple as that. For many people, this option is considerably more convenient than driving to a brick-and-mortar pharmacy with a prescription and waiting in long lines or returning at a later time to pick up the order.

For those who need medication to treat a condition that they would rather keep private, such as erectile dysfunction, purchasing generic drugs online is the ideal option. The experience of making a purchase online is much less distressing than having your ED treatment prescription filled at a local drug store.

The growing popularity of online pharmacies has generated a number of myths regarding purchasing generic Viagra online. Therefore, it is important that you have all the facts and are able to separate the myths from the truth.

Counterfeit drugs

One of the most prevalent myths out there is that any Viagra that you purchase over the internet is not the real deal. The Food and Drug Administration in the United States as well as the equivalent agencies in other regions work continuously in an effort to close down all online sources of counterfeit drugs. However, it is a difficult task to keep these fraudulent companies closed down for good. These unlawful sources distribute counterfeit prescription drugs often, with Viagra being among the most common.

Nonetheless, not all generic Viagra that is purchased online is counterfeit. Reputable online drug sources usually will include lot numbers with the packaging information that make it possible to verify that the products received are in fact not fake at all. Trusted online sources often provide information for their customers that can confirm the authenticity of the medications that they sell.

Herbal Viagra

Another myth that is circulating is that it is possible to purchase an herbal equivalent to Viagra that will provide you with the same desired results. While it is a fact that you can purchase products that are sold as herbal Viagra online, there is no way for you to know exactly what you are getting in it.

For the lucky few, you will be shipped a product that does not contain any effective ingredients at all. Those who are not so fortunate are at risk of receiving a product that is actually quite dangerous to ingest. A large number of the herbal supplements, as they are often called, are developed and sold without oversight. This is especially true for those that are marketed as all natural substitutes for Viagra.

Several of the supplements that are used to create these products are relatively new to the market. Thus, there is little if any data to support their safety or effectiveness. Because they are sold along with the legitimate medications, customers are tricked into believing that such products have been properly tested. However, that is rarely ever the case.

No herbal ingredients or products have been reported to be as effective as Viagra. Yohimbe bark extracts that contain the compound yohimbine were once used to treat erectile dysfunction. However, this was long before Viagra became available. Because of the inferior efficiency, these products are rarely ever used these days.

Unfortunately, many herbal supplements to promote sexual enhancement are now being spiked illegally with pharmaceutical compounds such as those that are found in genuine Viagra. These products can be very dangerous for a large number of reasons, such as the fact that the level of active ingredients and the identities of those ingredients are not listed on the product labels.

Illegal to purchase generic Viagra online?

One other well-circulated myth regarding the purchase of medication from online pharmacies is that it is illegal. The fact is that there are no federal laws in place that specifically ban drug importation that is ordered from such companies. Drugs that are manufactured in foreign countries that are approved by the FDA or parallel agencies may be imported by hospitals, pharmacies, wholesalers and individuals.

The term “FDA-approved” is a label that states that the drugs are produced by registered manufacturers, plants and packagers that use approved pharmaceutical ingredients, formulas, labels and structure. For all intents and purposes, foreign drugs that are approved by the FDA equivalent in foreign countries are manufactured, packed and branded for sale in the US by online pharmacies.

Prescription drugs that are available from online pharmacies that ship from countries that have regulated and advanced marketplaces, such as India, are considered to be just as safe as the drugs that are sold in local retail pharmacies in the United States. Therefore, medications sold by online pharmacies that ship from foreign manufacturers are just as safe and effective as the ones that are available for purchase at your local drug stores. The safety of drug importation through online pharmacies includes generic versions of brand name drugs that are approved by foreign agencies.

Many who oppose the sale of prescription medications through online pharmacies claim that there is a lack of quality control with foreign drug manufacturing and shipping operations. The truth is that close to 210 countries around the world manufacture drug products. A third of those countries do in fact have satisfactory regulations and standard controls in place. Another third have these controls in place as well, yet they lack the necessary enforcement. Therefore, only one-third of these countries do not have any regulatory controls at all.

There is no clear proof that the drugs purchased by consumers in the United States from online pharmacies that ship out of foreign countries have harmed anyone. The claim of uncertain quality is nothing more than a scare tactic.

Such scare tactics are used in order to shield the pharmaceutical industry against consumers who are looking to buy the medications they need at cheaper prices. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry invests millions of dollars to keep the conflict going.


It is possible to purchase generic Viagra online that is manufactured legally for as little as 5% of the cost of the brand name drug. The generic versions of sildenafil citrate are both safe and effective.

The big pharmaceutical companies do not want consumers to be aware of or understand the inexpensive alternative that generic Viagra offers. So they have spent considerable amounts of time and money toward convincing consumers in the United States that generic Viagra purchased from an online pharmacy and shipped out of a foreign country is illegally manufactured sildenafil citrate and counterfeit.

It is important to note that there is not a generic version of Viagra currently available for purchase in US pharmacies. It will not be possible to purchase generic Viagra directly in the United States until late 2020. However, it is legitimately accessible in India. Generic versions of this drug have the exact same active pharmaceutical ingredients and they will almost always provide you with the exact same therapeutic effect.

Access to generic Viagra without a prescription from a reputable online pharmacy like VBB provides a number of valuable benefits to male patients who are suffering regularly from erectile dysfunction. However, anyone who is experiencing erectile dysfunction should still take the time to visit a healthcare provider to ensure that there is not any serious underlying conditions that may be causing the ED.

Finally, there are many undeniable benefits to buying generic Viagra online over buying USA pharmacy Viagra. In addition to the remarkable convenience of quickly placing an order online, buying low-cost medication in bulk and having it shipped straight to your door from a trusted company means your privacy is never compromised.

The pills are shipped to you in unmarked, discreet packaging that will prevent the mail carrier or nosy neighbors from becoming aware of your personal condition. In addition, you do not have to deal with the embarrassment of handing a prescription over to a pharmacy assistant and standing in line waiting for your order to be prepared. You never make eye contact with the person packing your shipment.

If you are looking for a way to enhance your sex life without spending a fortune and putting yourself in harrowing situations, you are the ideal candidate for purchasing generic Viagra online. Order your generic Viagra pills today and take advantage of free Viagra sample pills and fast shipping to the US.

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Viagra price in Indian rupees (INR)

Viagra is a drug that was introduced on the market in 1998 for use in the treatment of angina. It is what is known as a phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor, a drug family designed to increase blood flow. Researchers discovered that other drugs already on the market performed better than Viagra. They also discovered that a side effect of Viagra was erections in men. After more research was conducted, it was marketed as an erectile dysfunction drug. To date, Viagra has become a popular drug that millions of men have used with good results. You can find out the Viagra price in Indian rupees when ordering this drug. We offer 200 Viagra 100 mg tablets for $179 or 11,800 INR (Indian rupees).

The drug Viagra is not a replacement for practicing safe sex. It does not prevent diseases that are sexually transmitted. Practicing safe sex by using condoms or other types of protection is important for the health of those who engage in sexually activity and are not in a monogamous relationship.

Viagra is intended to help men obtain erections and enjoy short or long periods of sexual activity. It has been shown to have many major benefits for men, increasing their self-esteem and confidence. It also helps them to enjoy intimate relationships with their partners. Viagra has been touted as a miracle by some men who previously had to refrain from sexual activity due to their inability to obtain an erection, or to maintain that erection long enough to engage in sexual activity. Those men are now enjoying a healthy sex life and experiencing better health overall.

Viagra price in Indian rupees (INR)

We offer 200 Viagra 100 mg tablets for $179 or 11,800 INR (Indian rupees).

Benefits of sexual activity

As well as getting a boost in libido, men that engage in sexual activity generally enjoy a healthier immune system and experience lower blood pressure. It has been shown that men who engage in sexual activity at least twice a week have higher antibody levels than those who engage in sex less often. Those antibodies help defend the body again illnesses caused from certain germs and viruses. Along with sexual activity, eating right, exercising, and sleeping enough help increase men’s stamina and health.

It has been said by medical experts that engaging in sex often actually increases the enjoyment of the act. This, in turn, tends to increase the libido, or sexual desire. Sexual activity has also been shown to lower blood pressure. Studies indicated that actual sexual activity, rather than masturbation, lowers the systolic blood pressure in both men and women.

Engaging in sexual activity boosts men’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Men who do not engage in sex or who suffer from erectile dysfunction tend to experience anxiety and experience a loss of confidence in themselves as men. Those who have sex regularly also tend to have a brighter, happier outlook on the world as a whole and their life in general.

Women who engage in sexual activity may have better bladder control than women who engage in the activity less often. Sexual activity is a workout that uses the pelvic muscles, especially when orgasm is reached. This, in turn, strengthens those muscles and helps avoid incontinence issues that some women experience.

Erectile dysfunction symptoms

Men with erectile dysfunction are unable to get or maintain an erection during sexual activity. The condition is also commonly known as impotence. The majority of men experience some type of erectile dysfunction during their life. Unless the dysfunction occurs regularly, it is not considered to be a medical problem that warrants the administration of Viagra. If the condition does occur frequently, men should seek the help of a physician so that underlying medical problems can be ruled out as a cause. If there is a medical problem, Viagra may not be the recommended treatment.


Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, occurs due to an insufficient flow of blood to the penis. When an erection occurs, the penis muscles relax to allow the flow of blood into the penis chambers. The pressure caused by the flow of blood results in an erection. Once an erection occurs, valves within the penis close or constrict to hold the pressure in until either sexual stimulation stops or ejaculation occurs.

There are both psychological and medical issues, or a combination of those issues, that can cause erectile dysfunction. There are also medications that can have this side effect.

Medical conditions can include any disease or disorder that affects the flow of blood to the penis; for example, heart disease and diabetes. Psychological conditions include depression, relationship issues, and stress. Conditions such as obesity, hormonal problems, certain diseases and high cholesterol have also been found to cause erectile dysfunction.

Diabetes can cause damage to the blood vessels that are related to obtaining an erection. Men who suffer from diabetes tend to experience mild to severe erectile dysfunction episodes. In addition to erectile dysfunction, diabetes can result in heart problems. Heart problems also cause blood flow irregularities, and those who must take heart medications may not be good candidates for the use of Viagra. In addition to heart medications, pain relievers and antidepressants can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Atherosclerosis is another health problem that can cause erectile dysfunction. This condition is caused by a thickening of the artery walls that, in turn, restricts the flow of blood throughout the body. One of the first locations that is affected is the penis. The penis requires blood to fill its arteries in order become erect. When that flow is restricted, the penis cannot obtain the amount of blood that is necessary to obtain an erection. A physician should be seen to treat this condition so that future heart problems may be prevented.

Mental health issues, including depression, can suppress emotions and a person’s response to external stimuli such as touch. Once a man experiences a problem getting an erection, he may become anxious and avoid sexual contact with his partner. This, in turn, may create more anxiety and exacerbate his failure to obtain an erection. In general, once the psychological issue has been resolved, the dysfunction goes away.

Benefits of Viagra

Viagra is marketed as an erectile dysfunction drug and has been proven to help men obtain erections and maintain them for up to four hours. This allows men to enjoy sexual activities, which helps eliminate the stress of erectile dysfunction and builds self-confidence. The Viagra price in Indian rupees is available when ordering this drug. We offer 200 Viagra 100 mg tablets for $179 or 11,800 INR (Indian rupees).

Because Viagra widens arteries, it can be beneficial in improving heart performance and men’s overall health. It can also help with some heart problems and potentially save lives. Because of its ability to widen arteries, Viagra may help stroke patients recover faster. A neuroscience institute believes that, when taken within three days of a stroke, the drug can help those patients regain their movement, memory, and speaking skills.

A theory has been raised by researchers that Viagra may be used to treat diseases that cause memory problems, such as dementia, in the future. That theory is based on a boost in learning skills and memory in studies that were conducted by Auburn University.

Sportsmen may also benefit from Viagra in the future. Research has shown that men who take the drug and then participate in sports, such as bicycling or mountain climbing, at high altitudes experienced an increase in stamina along with improved cardiovascular performance. With additional research, it is possible that the drug could be used to assist people in their everyday activities by improving both their stamina and their ability to perform.

Recreational use of Viagra

Some men, it has been reported, use Viagra to enhance their sexual activity by allowing them to maintain erections for longer durations of time than normal. The drug has been known, when used recreationally over a period of time, to cause dependence with the result that those men could not obtain an erection without using the drug.

Viagra is not a recreational drug and should never be used in conjunction with other types of recreational drugs. That combination could result in serious health problems and even death. This is especially true with men who have underlying medical conditions such as heart disease and are taking medications to control high blood pressure or chest pains.

Viagra facts

As with any drug, Viagra has side effects. The most commonly reported include rashes, dizziness, muscle pain, headaches, runny nose, stuffy nose, flushing, nausea, and dizziness. In a small number of patients, it was reported that men’s ability to see colors was affected; specifically, they had problems differentiating between green and blue and some reported a blue tinge in their sight. This side effect, as stated, is rare and, when it did occur, faded away over time once the body adjusted to the drug.

Other side effects have been reported to include vision loss, hearing problems, and erections that last more than four hours. Those who experience these types of side effects should seek medical treatment immediately.


For maximum effect, Viagra should be taken between 30 minutes and four hours before the time that a man anticipates engaging in sexual activity. High fat meals should not be eaten before taking the drug because the high fat content can cause a delay in the drug taking effect.

Only one dose should be taken within a 24-hour period to avoid complications and serious side effects. The correct dosage depends on a number of factors, including a man’s medical condition and any other drugs that he may be taking.

Physician assistance

Before taking Viagra, men should consult with their physician so that he or she can determine whether there is an underlying problem that could be causing his erectile dysfunction and whether treating that condition, if one is found, would resolve the problem. The physician is also in a better position to make decisions on whether Viagra would be beneficial in each individual case.

Viagra and women

Viagra for women is different than the Viagra that is marketed for men. As with men, the drug increases blood flow and, in turn, increases the effects of sexual stimulation. It has also been indicated through research that Viagra may increase a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant. An institute that conducted studies on this issue believes that the drug’s ability to increase the flow of blood to the uterus promotes uterine lining growth in women in cases where their lining was too thin.

Viagra for women has many marked benefits that can help them feel better about themselves and help them obtain an increased enjoyment in engaging in sexual activities that may haven’t been that stimulating before taking the drug. This gives women the added benefit of lowering blood pressure and increasing their ability to relax and have less stress in their life.

Viagra cost

For those suffering from erectile dysfunction, Viagra can be very beneficial. Affordable generic versions of Viagra can be securely ordered online at Our company is a first class online pharmacy with the goal of providing exceptional customer service. Your order will be shipped in a non-descriptive package that does not indicate pharmacy or medication to protect your privacy. The Viagra price in Indian rupees is determined during checkout of your order. We offer 200 Viagra 100 mg tablets for $179 or 11,800 INR (Indian rupees).

Ordering Viagra online is an excellent option for those who are seeking a good price as well as complete discretion. They do not have to let their pharmacist know that they are obtaining the drug, which could potentially lower a man’s self-esteem even further. Most men see ED as a stigma against themselves and do not want anyone else to know that they are “less” than they can be. Mail order Viagra online is the best choice for those who value their privacy, but want to take advantage of a drug that can help them obtain an erection and enjoy lengthy sexual activities, or even short episodes, with their partner.

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Viagra Price Comparisons: Walmart, Walgreens, CVS & Online

Overview of Viagra prices

Viagra prices vary enormously according to a wide range of factors. These will be detailed in greater depth below, but an overview follows:

The primary reason for the extraordinary cost of Viagra in local stores is patent protection. Prices in local stores are expected to fall a great deal after the patent for Viagra in the US held by Pfizer expires in 2020.

The country in question also has a substantial effect on the price of Viagra. While high Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita and a patent for Viagra have kept prices in stores in the US very high indeed, they are available in stores located outside the US for a small fraction of the cost and are available even more cheaply online. Online retailers of Viagra tend to be much cheaper than offline vendors. They are able to sell at much lower margins in part because they tend to sell much higher volumes than brick and mortar shops.

Viagra price comparisons: degree of variation

To provide some sense of the degree of variation in Viagra prices, as of late 2015 purchasing ten 100 milligram tablets of Viagra costs between $380 and $450 in grocery stores such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens or CVS. However, purchasing Viagra online could cost you as little as $10.

Viagra prices in different countries

The most important causes for vast price differences in Viagra in different countries include patent protection, the availability of generic drugs, competition from online vendors and GDP per capita.

In Australia, the price of Viagra fell a great deal after Pfizer’s patent protection expired in 2014, reflecting the cost of production and distribution more than the consumer’s ability to pay. The price of a pack of four pills fell from approximately US$180-250 to approximately $10.

In Canada, the supreme court made a ruling in late 2012 that, for all intents and purposes, made Pfizer’s patent for Viagra null and void. A competitor producing a generic version of the same drug, Teva, entered the market, and Pfizer lowered its prices substantially. At present, Canadian pharmacies and stores sell Viagra at between US$1 and $7 per pill, averaging approximately 1/3 of the typical price in US stores and pharmacies.

In the United Kingdom, Viagra was sold at upwards of $10 per pill until Pfizer’s patent on the drug expired in late 2013. Prices were lower while the patent was in force in the United Kingdom than in Australian and Canada because of the bargaining power of the country’s National Health Service (NHS), which exerts a great deal of influence to drive drug prices down. Once the patent expired, approximately a dozen competitors entered the market and prices fell precipitously as a result. Unfortunately, there are some pharmacies in the UK that attempt to charge patients prices close to previous levels through unscrupulous prescribing practices. However, in most stores and pharmacies prices are currently around $1-$5 per pill.

The US is a major outlier where the price of Viagra is concerned. The primary driver for this is Pfizer’s patent. As well as Pfizer’s influence on the price of drugs in stores and pharmacies, laws are in force to prevent US citizens from driving across the border to Canada or Mexico and bringing drugs for sale back in.

In light of the fact that drug prices are more closely linked to what consumers are prepared to pay for Viagra than to how much the drug costs to produce, Viagra tends to cost significantly more in richer areas of the US and significantly less in poorer areas. As a very approximate guide, prices in stores and pharmacies in the US currently hover between $25 and $35 per pill.

Change in Viagra prices in the US over time

Although manufacturing costs have not increased, the price of Viagra has increased enormously. When it first received FDA approval in 1998, 50mg pills were available for purchase at approximately $9 or $10 each.bIn response to heavy demand and the willingness to pay, Pfizer has increased prices enormously. Where price rises occurred about once per year between 1998 and 2006, they have taken place about twice per year since. Price rises tended to be about 3-5% prior to 2006, and upwards of 7% since then, representing a total increase in a price of about 300% since Viagra was first introduced in 1998.

Although this price increase was not prompted by an increase in the production costs of Viagra, it should be contextualized. Large increases in drug prices are standard in the pharmaceutical industry – average prices have increased by 37% since 1998. However, obviously, Viagra has enormously outpaced the industry average.

Drug manufacturers argue that since developing new drugs and obtaining FDA approval for them is incredibly expensive, it is necessary to charge very high prices in order to fund future research. Manufacturers note that the vast majority of potential new drugs that they pay to research never come to market, resulting in extremely high costs per drug that receives FDA approval.

On the other hand, critics argue that the prices for many drugs exceed the cost to manufacture them by many thousands of percent, making many drugs completely unaffordable for most people. In addition, critics contend that pharmaceutical companies’ claims to need extremely high levels of profit in order to fund research and development is belied by their budgets, since at least 50% of the expenditure of a typical pharmaceutical company in the US is on marketing. Critics note that despite the expenses large drug companies have to defray, the companies are highly profitable and tend to pay substantial dividends to shareholders.

The question of why consumers are prepared to pay dozens of times more than the price to produce the drug is a valid and important one. Where Viagra is concerned, it has a substantial impact on quality of life. Helping people to enjoy intimacy once again can strengthen relationships and life satisfaction. Moreover, for many people, retaining sexual function is an important part of their identity – one worth paying for.

Viagra also has a very strong brand. Pfizer has worked to position the drug as a lifestyle brand, offering a sense of luxury and ease of use.

Viagra was the first ED drug to come to the market, sparking what seemed to be a revolution in popular culture. Celebrities such as former republican presidential candidate Bob Dole and the soccer legend Pelé have endorsed the drug publicly. With such powerful social proof, it becomes clearer how many people would be willing to spend so much money on branded ED medications.

How does volume of Viagra pills affect price?

The number of pills being sold to the consumer has a huge impact on price. Interestingly, bulk discounts tend to be much larger for online pharmacies and online stores compared to brick and mortar stores. This is because of distribution agreements with Pfizer that commit these companies to maintaining minimum pricing of Viagra.

How does the dosage of Viagra pill affect the price?

In most regions of the world, the dosage of the pill has a moderate impact on price. In Australia, for example, a 100mg pill tends to cost approximately 1.6 times as much as a 50mg pill. In the US, however, the dosage of the pill has quite a limited impact on price. This is because, as explored above, price in the US is determined at least as much by how much the consumer is willing or able to pay as by the cost to manufacture the goods.

Therefore, it is common for consumers in the United States to save money by obtaining 100mg pills for little more than 50mg pills and cut them in half. This allows many consumers to double their supplies of Viagra for little extra money.

Viagra price comparisons at different offline vendors

Offline vendors may be convenient in terms of geographic proximity, but convenience in this case tends to be incredibly expensive. As of late 2015, the price of ten 100mg pills of Viagra is as follows at these common vendors:

  • Walmart: $386
  • Sam’s Club: $386
  • Walgreen’s: 411
  • CVS: $446
  • Rite-Aid: $461
  • Target: $523

Viagra price comparisons: online versus offline

Although online stores do not allow you to pick up items at your convenience, they provide you with the drugs you want at a tiny fraction of the price.

There are many reputable online pharmacies that provide Viagra (and other ED medications). However, consumers should be aware that not all online pharmacies are reputable. To be sure that the drugs are genuine, look for verified reviews and security seals on the website. You might also wish to consider trying free Viagra samples before making a bulk order.

Unlike most brick and mortar stores, some provide large volume discounts. No reputable provider offer better prices than

At, some of the packages we stock include ten 100mg pills of Viagra for $29, 50 pills for $79, 100 pills for $99 or 500 pills for $399 (which is only $0.79 per a tablet).

Large savings are not the only benefit of choosing to shop for Viagra online. Another is that you will not have to have any conversations with doctors or pharmacists in order to qualify for a prescription or to get a repeat prescription. Many websites, including, also offer you free samples to see which ED drugs might work for you. All reputable websites also offer expedited shipping.

Since some online shoppers do not necessarily speak to a doctor or pharmacist before ordering Viagra, you should be aware that the side effects of Viagra have greater risks for certain groups of people. If any one (or more) of the medical criteria below applies to you it is very strongly recommended to consult a physician before taking Viagra.

  • Any problems with your cardiovascular health
  • Low blood pressure
  • A history of one or more stroke(s) or heart attack(s)
  • Impaired liver function
  • Impaired kidney function
  • If you take organic nitrates or nitrites. These include nitroglycerin, sodium nitroprusside and amyl nitrite, which are also known as ‘poppers’.

Viagra prices compared to other ED drugs (Cialis, Levitra)

As we have seen, ten doses of Viagra cost between $386 and $522 in store.

Cialis’ effects last for 36 hours, and it is ideal for a weekend. Ten doses of 20mg of Cialis are estimated to cost between $423 and $540 in store.

Levitra lasts for approximately four or five hours. Ten doses of 20mg of Levitra are estimated to cost between $366 and $540 in store. offers the lowest prices you will find for a reputable ED vendor online. We provide a flat-rate pricing structure for viagra, Cialis and Levitra. This allows for extraordinary savings on each of these drugs.

For each of these drugs, provide a standard dosage (100mg of Viagra, 20mg of Cialis and 20mg of Levitra) at a fixed price. These are ten pills for $29, 20 pills for $49, 50 pills for $79, 100 pills for $99, 200 pills for $179, 300 pills for $249 or 500 pills for $399. Put differently, this starts at $2.90 per dose at the lowest volume and ends with $0.79 per dose at the highest volume.

Viagra prices and insurance

Many Americans used to be able to obtain Viagra through their insurance. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible in most cases.

Medicare part D plans do not cover Viagra. Medicaid used to spend a full $15 million annually to cover ED medications. However, the discovery in 2005 that Medicaid had been used to provide convicted sex offenders with ED medications caused an uproar, and a bipartisan bill was passed to prevent Medicare and Medicaid from covering ED medications.

As of 2016, the major insurer Caremark will no longer cover Viagra.

The future of Viagra prices

There may be a substantial decrease in the price of Viagra when the patents for Cialis and Levitra, both PDE-5 inhibitors that are used to treat ED, expire in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are able to trade on their brand identity to some extent; consumers are willing to trust something from a large company that they have heard of. However, in line with the pattern observed in other countries, the European Generic Medicines Association (EGA) claims that generic medications are priced at 20 to 90% less than identical brand-name products. Since Cialis and Levitra are alternatives to Viagra, if their prices decrease swiftly and Viagra’s price remains the same, Viagra is likely to lose customers. Pfizer may have to decrease the minimum price it requires for Viagra in the US market in order to retain market share.

In light of the clear pattern in Australia, Canada and the UK, there is also expected to be a major fall in the price of Viagra in the US after Pfizer’s patent protection expires in 2020.

How to save money on Viagra

If you choose to get hold of Viagra through your insurance and your doctor, you may be able to purchase it using a tax-advantaged flexible spending account or a health savings account. Ask your accountant how much you could save this way.

It is sometimes possible to obtain Viagra through health insurance, but most providers no longer cover it. If you take it/would like to take it regularly online and are not comfortable saving money by ordering Viagra online, it may be worth your while to research alternative providers.

There are many ways to save money on Viagra. The clearest way to do so is to shop Viagra online. You can obtain Viagra from reputable online vendors at a small fraction of the listed price in US pharmacies and stores.

We encourage you to shop around and look at several online stores to figure out which might work best for you. However, we will say that offers the best prices in the business, and you can’t go wrong by trying our free Viagra samples.

What is Viagra?

Viagra is a drug that helps men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) to get and keep erections. For the avoidance of confusion, Viagra is a brand name. The exact same drug it refers to, Sildenafil, is also sold under brand names including Caverta, Edegra and Revatio. To remain consistent, however, this webpage refers to ‘Viagra’ throughout.

Viagra was first invented by scientists working on hypertension in Swansea, Wales in 1991. It received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to be used in the treatment of ED in 1998. It was the first ED drug to be receive FDA approval, and became very popular in a short space of time. Less than two decades after the drug was first introduced, many tens of millions of men have taken Viagra.

Similarly to subsequent ED drugs such as Cialis and Levitra, Viagra is a so-called PDE5 inhibitor. These drugs inhibit an enzyme named phosphodiesterase type 5 that helps control blood flow by binding to it. The effect of this is to relax and widen blood vessels in the penis, allowing an erection to arise if the person taking the drug is experiencing sexual arousal.

Viagra is effective for about 83% of people. The drug takes effect approximately 25 minutes after it has been ingested, and the effects last for about four hours.

All drugs have side effects. However, compared to most FDA-approved drugs, the side effects experienced by some men who take Viagra are very mild. Approximately 16% of men who take it get a headache, about 10% experience temporary facial flushing and about 7% experience an upset stomach.

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Did you know you can get Viagra without a prescription?

Many men would be surprised to discover that it can be quick and simple to legally obtain Viagra without a prescription. The most direct route to prescription-free Viagra does not have to mean long conversations with a doctor or inconvenient trips to the pharmacy, as long as care is taken to choose a qualified and reputable provider.

Going without a prescription doesn’t mean a sacrifice in quality and safety. International pharmacies pride themselves on their ability to deliver quality medication just the same as any American drug provider, but without all of the patent restrictions. Their product is affordable and accessible enough that many men have tried it for themselves, and have been happy they did.

If you are searching for a way to get your own Viagra without a prescription, read a few of the following tips to get yourself started on the right foot. The process does not have to be very difficult and the number of extra benefits such as free samples, direct mailing, reduced costs, and the most privacy will leave you wondering why anyone ever needed a prescription in the first place.

Does this sound like you?

Millions of men across the world find themselves in their ideal relationship, with a partner they love enough to share their most intimate moments with. However, because of a combination of physical and psychological issues, they find themselves unable to perform to their own standards while in bed. The reasons can vary, but the result is always the same: a strained relationship and a lack of self-confidence.

The effects of erectile dysfunction (ED) are wide-reaching, and are more common than most people realize. Since the problem is so personal, most men don’t get a clear idea of the scope of the disease, and the number of their own friends and acquaintances who also suffer from it. The fear or embarrassment to talk to a doctor or visit a pharmacy prevent many from getting the medication they need, and if not, the high cost of the pills certainly does.

Benefits of Viagra without a prescription

Viagra offers a solution to many men’s problem with ED, allowing them to sustain an erection for long periods of time, boosting sexual performance. By circumventing the physical and psychological barriers that otherwise stop these men from living up to their potential, Viagra is able to restore confidence, build stronger and more satisfying relationships, and put a little extra spring back into your step.

The only problem for American men is that Viagra is currently only available in the country in its brand-name form, which requires a doctor’s prescription and can be as expensive as $25 per pill. The personal, practical and financial barriers are often too much for ED sufferers to handle, and they are left untreated or in search of a better alternative.

The solution

Luckily, generic Viagra online can be purchased through offshore pharmacies without a prescription, and at a fraction of the cost. The way to gain access to this new option is through your internet browser, and with a little bit of patience. But first, it is crucial to understand what generic Viagra is, how it works, and what makes offshore pharmacies so unique.

About generic drugs

The most important thing to know about generic drugs is that they work exactly the same as their name-brand versions, only in a cheaper form. Viagra is actually a brand name for the chemical compound known by doctors as Sildenafil. Any product that claims to function as ‘generic Viagra’ will contain this as its active ingredient. In fact, most generic drugs are entirely identical to their pricier counterparts but are less accessible for legal reasons.

In the United States, the patent controlling the sale of Sildenafil does not expire until 2020, leaving a long span of time before these buyers can gain affordable access to the drug they need. However, this patent only applies to US pharmacies, whereas drug providers in other countries such as India are free to sell the product as they please. The reason why it is so much cheaper is because they are able to work outside of the US monopoly.

How are offshore pharmacies different?

The key to understanding offshore online pharmacies is that they work the same as pharmacies in the United States. Trusted pharmacies come licensed, and have an army of loyal customers who can attest to the quality of their product. They put manufacturing quality, customer service, and reputation at the forefront and always do their best to get you the medication you need. It is easy to feel put-off by a pharmacy you will never get to see in the flesh, but the men who have decided to take the plunge have enjoyed the benefits immensely.

However, risks and benefits need to be carefully weighed against each other when trying this out for the first time. Take a look at the following checklist to gain an in-depth understanding of how to best help yourself.

• One of the biggest risks on the international market for ED supplements is counterfeit medication. Disreputable online pharmacies will sometimes mislabel pills or knowingly sell them as something they are not. If you are lucky, these fake pills will have no effect on you. If not, you may experience unpredictable side effects. The key is to only obtain your generic Viagra from an international pharmacy that is trusted.

• As with any medication, it is important to understand how your generic Viagra will affect your system. Doing the right research, taking your dosage one step at a time, and getting advice from a medical professional (even in the absence of a prescription) can be a big help. Having a healthy relationship with your medication means finding an effective way to incorporate it into your sex life, and balancing it with your other day-to-day needs. A dose of 25 to 100mg is where most people start, and this dosage can be pushed to 150mg or 200mg if the smaller dosage is ineffective. Again, your doctor will have a strong idea of the dosage that is correct for your personal needs.

• Online transactions of any kind always carry the risk of fraud, and so taking the usual precautions when sharing your financial information with a new company is always the best way to go. Look for past success with a large number of other customers as well as certifications that can attest to the legitimacy of the pharmacy. A good rule of thumb is, if it looks like a website you might be able to design in your spare time, it may not be a wise investment.

What are the benefits of using an online pharmacy?

As long as common sense is applied, online buyers of generic Viagra have little to fear and much to gain. The main reason why so many men choose to look outside of their own country is because of the patenting issues discussed above, however, there are a wide variety of reasons why international pharmacies have the edge over their American competitors. Let’s take a look at a few of the unique advantages which more than compensate for the risks mentioned above.

• The number one reason, of course, is cost. Online pharmacies can be anywhere from 5% of the cost of American ones. Because we live in the age of communication technology, it is easier than ever to take advantage of this price difference, and reap the benefits for yourself. In addition, prices are cut because of the convenience of comparison shopping from your home computer or laptop. Benefits, customer reviews, and price ranges can be put side-by-side to see which pharmacy comes out on top. With a bit of patience and perseverance, finding that perfect deal becomes possible.

• The privacy of an online pharmacy is unsurpassed. How else can you get medication without even having to open your front door? Internationally ordered Viagra can be shipped directly to your address, so all you need to do is look out your window for your local mail carrier. And it is not just about saving a trip to the store, but saving a potentially awkward conversation with your doctor. We all understand that MDs are trained to act in a professional manner regardless of the circumstances, but it is not surprising that many men still feel hesitant when bringing up the issue. Keep your private life to yourself and order online.

• Get your Viagra for free. That’s right, most worthwhile online pharmacies are willing to send you a free sample of their product in the mail, just to get you started. Try getting that deal at your local health care provider and see what happens. In reality, it is an option you will only be able to find on the web, since offshore companies are all eager to prove the quality of their product to American buyers. The path to getting your own free Viagra sample follows all the rules listed above, and is based on finding a good company that has your best interests at heart.

• Help the little guy and show the big corporations who’s boss. When ordering your medication online, you are telling big-business pharmacies that you don’t support their monopoly on this much-needed product. For years, they have taken advantage of their patent on the drug, denying access to men who live in the United States. Now, as new solutions are coming to light, we all have an opportunity to make a statement and do what’s right.

But is it legal to buy Viagra without a prescription?

It’s the all-important question that many readers are wondering to themselves right now — is it legal to buy Viagra without a prescription, via offshore companies? The answer is, simply, yes. And truth be told, online shopping for medication is only becoming more popular and not just because it’s less expensive, but because there is no law prohibiting it. Brand-name Viagra sellers make their living from customers’ inability or unwillingness to look elsewhere for their product, but this does not have to be you!

The how-to

Now that you have decided to pursue alternative sources for your Viagra needs, the question is: how? The truth is that it is not all that complicated and the major legwork comes in choosing between the hundreds of great online pharmacies. To get started, just follow this step-by-step guide and see how easy it can be.

Step 1: Do the research

The trick here is gathering as much information as possible, to get the most in-depth understanding you can. It is no secret that every business is out for your cash, but only the best will be willing to make a fair trade for it. As mentioned above, customer reviews should be your go-to source for feedback on the quality of the company. Look for individuals who face similar problems to you and see what they have to say. While a few pointed criticisms are alright, stay away from pharmacies that have many dissatisfied customers, or even a few very dissatisfied ones. See if negative feedback covers issues you really care about, or if they don’t concern you so much. And finally, check the positive feedback to see if all your bases are covered: price, effectiveness, shipping time, etc.

A professional-looking web presence and a lot of extra information is also crucial. Competent online businesses put as much effort into their web design as physical retailers put into their storefront. Making the customer feel informed and confident in their choice is what it’s all about, and this means sharing the right amount of information about who they are and what they do. Take a look at their about page, their certifications, and any awards they might have received.

You can go through this process for as many pharmacies as you want, until you feel satisfied with your results. Then all you have to do is compare side-by-side and see which ones stand out. If the right decision isn’t immediately obvious to you, then make a priority list, ordering all of the different factors according to how much they matter to you. At the end of the day, trying out more than one option isn’t the worst idea, as your first choice won’t always be the right one.

Step 2: Making the choice and placing your order

After all the hard work of online research, it just becomes a matter of taking the plunge. Again, do not worry if you are not 100% confident in your gut instinct as trial and error will always be necessary to some extent. Putting in the time now is a good investment because a good relationship with the right pharmacy is something that can last a lifetime.

Shipping times will differ from company to company, but it is fair to expect a wait of a few weeks before your first shipment arrives. Some pharmacies will offer different shipping options, so if it is important to you, you can choose expedited shipping. If ordering a free Viagra sample by mail, you may still have to pay a shipping fee, though this will most likely be offset by the money saved on the drug itself.

Step 3: Watch the results

After your initial shipment arrives, it is time to find your first opportunity to put it to the test. Keep in mind that Viagra can have effects that last as long as five hours, and so choosing a lower dosage and working your way up will likely be a good idea. The medication will start working as soon as a half hour and as long as an hour after ingestion. In the rare case that an erection lasts longer than five hours, you should call a doctor as soon as possible.

Frequent users of Viagra, generic Viagra, or really any medication can tell you that consistency is the key to getting predictable results. For most users, Viagra is designed to be taken on an as-needed basis, but making sure to take it the same amount of time before sex, generally around the same time of day, and with a consistent diet, will yield the best results. Over time, you will understand better how to work it into your regular routine, and all of the subtle ways it affects your body.

As you gain more comfort with the medication, it becomes easier to try out higher doses, up to 200mg. Some men require the effects of a full dosage, while others are content with as little as 100mg. The important thing is not to increase your dose without a clear understanding of how the lower dose acts on your system. This may also be another good time to consult a doctor for additional input.

Change your life today!

By now, you should have a solid understanding of how to get your hands on affordable Viagra as well as the best way to include it into your life. While there is certainly a fair amount of information to consider up front, the benefits are well worth the effort, and it will be no time at all before you feel confident and comfortable with your new generic Viagra provider.

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Top 10 Weird Historical Alternatives to Viagra

For the past few decades, Viagra and other similar medications have become well-accepted and popular treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED). Research has proved that these medications are extremely effective, and they have done very well on the market as a result. Though men taking certain other medications, or with certain pre-existing conditions, cannot take Viagra or other similar medications, these drugs have been effective in over 80% of men who use them. These drugs, coupled with a few other options for treating erectile dysfunction have made life much easier for men dealing with erectile dysfunction, and research is only continuing to become more effective in finding good treatments.

However, erectile dysfunction has been an issue for hundreds, even thousands of years, long before these pills came into being. Even if it had no formal name until somewhat recently, erectile dysfunction is not a new condition, as many texts from history have shown. Humans have been using many different methods to deal with erectile dysfunction throughout time. As is the case with a lot of historical medical practices, they may seem appalling. Some of these practices are still used today in some parts of the world, and some have been modified and improved from their earlier versions to help treat men who cannot take oral pills like Viagra. Before modern research and improvement, there were some very weird alternatives to Viagra:

Top 10 Weird Historical Alternatives to Viagra

1. Penis injections

Penis Injections Alternative to Viagra

This method was a favorite of none other than Adolf Hitler. According to historical research, Hitler did not like taking pills of any kind, and often had medications taken through injection. It is rumored that he took medications for Parkinson’s, psoriasis, and other conditions. He used the same solution when he was faced with libido difficulty at a young age. It was one of his close doctors, Dr. Theodor Morrell, who would give him penis injections of solutions composed of semen from young bulls so that he could have sex with his girlfriend, Eva Braun. Morrell is now regarded as somewhat of a medical quack, who gave Hitler large doses of different medications via injection. Whether or not these injections of bull sperm worked is unknown, though the idea of taking testicles and sperm from young animals to treat erectile dysfunction is a theme that recurs throughout history.

Hitler was not the only one to consider injection as a method for treating erectile dysfunction. A British physiologist, Giles Brindley, injected his own penis with a solution of papaverine in order to induce an erection (it is believed that the first time he did this was by accident). This method serves to help blood vessels expand, thus increasing blood flow to the penis. He even gave a presentation to the American Urological Association on his work, and demonstrated his success by dropping his pants in front of the audience to show that he could maintain an erection throughout the lecture. Papverine injections are still accepted as a form of treating erectile dysfunction, with a prescription.

In the modern world, penis injections are still sometimes used to treat erectile dysfunction – though, obviously not with semen from animals, as Hitler used. Alprostadil and a combination of alprostadil, phentolamine, and papaverine known as TriMix are most commonly used in penis injections nowadays, with success. These injections were developed in the 1990s, and are commonly used for men who cannot take pills orally. Those who take it receive these injections from a doctor who determines what the best medication for them is, and give themselves the injection at home when they need to.

2. Herbs and acupuncture

Herbs and acupuncture Alternative to Viagra

In ancient China, it was widely believed that erectile dysfunction was caused by an imbalance in a man’s yin and yang. It was also widely known that this usually occurred around age 60 or later, when older men begin to struggle with impotence. As a solution, the Chinese made potions that were said to help. Some old Chinese texts have listed dozens of different herbs and mixtures used to treat this condition and restore balance to the body. Acupuncture was also a popular method used, sometimes in addition to these potions.

Even today, acupuncture is sometimes seen as a legitimate method for treating erectile dysfunction. Acupuncture has been proven in many cases to help treat stress and improve mood, which in some cases can be a contributing factor to erectile dysfunction. So while there is no strong evidence yet that acupuncture can treat the physical causes of erectile dysfunction, it can certainly help if mood and stress are factoring into impotence, which may be why it was believed to be a cure for so long.

3. Plants and flowers

Plants and Flowers Alternative to Viagra

Many different ancient civilizations used different types of plants (in different ways) to treat erectile dysfunction. Many ancient cultures would grind up animal parts to consume, believing that it would help with impotence. However, many of these same cultures found that certain types of plants do an even better job. Ancient Egyptians used lotus flowers. This method actually has some reason to it, as lotus flowers do contain apomorphine, which is very similar to dopamine and is used to treat some other diseases. Apomorphine will improve mood, as it acts as a dopamine mimic. Like acupuncture, a better mood could help contribute to potency, especially for those who suffer from nervousness or stress, which can cause impotence, or at least contribute to it. Lotus flower extracts have been used for a long time as aphrodisiacs, though there have so far been no conclusive tests to prove a link between lotus flowers and treating erectile dysfunction physically.

It is believed that the Mayans also used plants similar to the lotus flower for medical purposes, possible to treat erectile dysfunction. We know from architecture and art of the era that flowers and plants were popular in different medical treatments, which leads researchers to believe that these plants were also likely used to treat erectile dysfunction.

The idea of using flowers for treatment of erectile dysfunction didn’t die out with those ancient civilizations. Edward Bach, a British man in the 1930s, wrote a book of remedies for many health issues which flowers would cure. Sexual transmitted diseases and impotency were among these. He believed that larch, a tree extract, could help men gain more sexual confidence. Similarly, crab apple could be used to help people feel more confident and open during sex, especially if they were inhibited because they were taught that it is wrong and the guilt is inhibiting their performance.

4. Transplants

Transplantants Alternative to Viagra

Beginning in 1917, a Russian surgeon by the name of Serge Voronoff began a new method of treating erectile dysfunction: grafting monkey testicle tissue onto human male testicles. Voronoff developed this idea when he began grafting the testicles of younger animals to older ones, and found that this technique seemed to restore the vigor of older animals. In 1920, he successfully transplanted tissue from monkey testicles into a human male scrotum. Voronoff believed that this treatment did a number of things for patients, such as giving them more energy and helping them to feel younger. Of course, he also believed that it would help treat any issues with the male sex drive. This technique became widely popular, and hundreds of men received it around the world in the 1930s. Often, it was not successful, as the grafted skin and parts would either be rejected by the host’s body, or, more commonly, simply not take to the host. Though there were some reports of this surgery causing scarring and illness, it usually did nothing at all.

In 1914, another scientist, Dr. G. Frank Lydston implanted the testicle of a dead man onto his own scrotum. This method stemmed from Voronoff and other researchers’ ideas that younger male parts were key to restoring vigor. Other doctors would use the testicles of young, dead human males to transplant in much the same way that Voronoff did. This practice was still in line with the idea that the testicles were the source of potency (true), and that they simply needed younger, more vigorous tissue to replace or be added to them in order to get that youthful vigor back.

Another type of surgery became popular in the late 1900s to treat erectile dysfunction: penile implants. Before the 1960s, some doctors attempted to implant animal bone into human male penises. This method came about due to the observation that many animals have actual penis bones while humans do not. This type of implant often failed. Starting in the 1960s doctors began using synthetic materials as implants. However, many complained that there were painful. Today, penile implants is still a method sometimes used by doctors and surgeons to treat erectile dysfunction, though these implants are now designed as either malleable rods or implants that can fill with air, so that they don’t cause pain from being constantly rigid. This is one of the less popular treatments for erectile dysfunction, as all surgeries carry some risk to them. Malleable rods tend to make the penis somewhat rigid at all times, and it’s difficult to find a material that will only become rigid when one wants. Obviously, this type of surgery is also a fairly permanent solution.

5. Consuming seal penis

Consuming Seal Penis Alternative to Viagra

Oddly enough, this is still a practice that is popular today in some regions of the world. Some Asian cultures believe that seal penises contain properties that can treat erectile dysfunction. Seal penises are either eaten dry or mixed into a liquid solution for consumption. This practice is still so popular that a portion of all seal meat sales are from penis sales. This practice has become scrutinized as many seals are hunted and killed just for their meat and penises.

Seal penis is actually very popular for many things, and is eaten for pleasure and not just as a way to improve sexual performance. Oddly enough, even today there are some ongoing studies about seal penis as an aphrodisiac, which means this practice may not go away completely anytime soon. This is one of the most weird Viagra alternatives.

6. Penis pump

Penis Pump Alternative to Viagra

This is another method that is still used in the modern day, and more widely than eating seal penis. The penis pump was developed in the 1870s, and is exactly what it sounds like. The basic idea of the pump is fairly simple and hasn’t changed much over time. It is still sometimes used to treat erectile dysfunction. The cylinder of the pump is placed over the penis and the air is pumped out of it either by hand or through the use of a battery device. This creates a vacuum in the cylinder, which helps the penis become erect. A restraining band is then slid down the penis to the base, which will help the penis stay erect when the pump is removed. Usually, the man then wears the restraining band during sex to maintain the erection.

Obviously, there are a few downsides to this method, which was popular in the 1900s, and is still sometimes used today. It’s usually necessary for a man to pump right before intercourse, and leave the band on throughout, which limits when and where he can use it, and how long intercourse can last. It can also be somewhat uncomfortable.

7. Spanish fly

Spanish Fly Alternative to Viagra

The term “Spanish fly” has been around for a long time, often referring to a somewhat dangerous sort of drug that is used as an aphrodisiac. The Spanish fly is believed to have been used many hundreds of years ago, and has held a place in pop culture all the way to the modern age. The Spanish fly isn’t exactly a fly though, and it is not merely consumed.

Spanish fly is a substance, and is an extremely strong aphrodisiac. It comes from blister beetles, who are believed to secrete cantharidin, a toxin, as a way of protecting itself and warding off predators. Cantharidin can be dangerous to many animals, and causes skin blisters and can be poisonous when consumed. When it is consumed by humans, it tends to cause a burning sensation as it leaves the urethra. In women, this causes nothing but discomfort. In men, it often causes the penis to become erect after urinating. It is believed that people used this method throughout history to treat erectile dysfunction. However, it is an extremely dangerous method and can lead to erections lasting so long that medical attention is needed, sickness, and even death. It is very difficult to find a legitimate source that recommends this treatment anymore.

8. Drinking urine

Drinking urine Alternative to Viagra

The practice of drinking one’s own urine was a method for treating erectile dysfunction popular in India and China. It was believed that when men urinated, they may lose some essential nutrients that help them maintain an erection (it is true that there are some small traces of testosterone in male urine, but certainly not enough to have any effect). The solution was for men to drink large amounts of their own urine in order to get these nutrients back. Some cultures also believed that drinking urine mixed with bran and pig’s liver could help cure women or men’s impotence. This is one of the most weird Viagra alternatives too.

9. Electricity

Electricity Alternative to Viagra

In the 1800s and 1900s, electricity not only came into being as a controllable human force, it was also used for many medical purposes. Of course, erectile dysfunction was one of those purposes. The electric belt was developed to treat impotence, and was wildly popular between 1890 and 1920. It did especially well on the market because it was portrayed as a form of treatment that was somewhat secretive. Unlike operations, men could purchase these electric belts to use at home.

Most of these belts worked by having a coil wrapped around the penis, connected to the belt that was powered by a battery. The belt would produce small electric shocks that would travel up the coil. These belts were often worn for long periods of time, intended to help overall potency, not just for use before sexual intercourse.

10. Radium

Radium Alternative to Viagra

Though most would be shocked to hear of this treatment today, many men in the 1800s used radium as a way of curing erectile dysfunction. It was believed that putting this radioactive substance near the penis for long periods of time could help restore potency. Obviously, this quickly showed ill effects, as radioactive substances greatly increase the risk of cancer.

Treatment today vs. Viagra Alternatives

Luckily, the treatment of erectile dysfunction has come a long way in recent history. While some of these older methods are still used, the most popular and effective treatment was developed in the 1980s and comes in the form of a small pill. Beginning with Pfitzer’s Viagra, a number of medical pills have been developed to treat erectile dysfunction, with much higher success rates and less risk of side effects than these older methods.

Though Viagra is still under patent and requires a doctor’s prescription, many pharmaceutical companies outside the US produce and sell generic forms of Viagra and similar medications, making them cheaper and easier to obtain. There is no longer the need to resort to such odd Viagra alternatives.

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Why does Viagra cost so much?

Anyone with erectile dysfunction who has purchased Viagra, or any similar brands of medications, has probably noticed that Viagra cost is extremely high. When you go to your doctor for the prescription, you have likely found that not only do these prices seem outrageous, but insurance companies will rarely cover the full cost of them. In some cases, they will cover nothing. Even drugs that serve the same purpose, like Cialis and Levitra, are expensive. If you’ve ever lived outside of the US, you know that the prices on these same drugs are usually not as high, and sometimes Viagra is available without a prescription or covered under another country’s healthcare. To understand why prices on Viagra are so excessive, and to find ways of getting such medications more cheaply, it’s important to understand the history of Viagra and the regulations surrounding it and other similar medications.

What are generic drugs?

The most important thing to understand about drugs in order to understand the pricing behind them is to know what generics are. The generic form of any drug has the same chemical makeup as the original brand name of it. Therefore, a generic drug is also approved by the FDA for use. The generic name is simply the scientific name, usually named after the compounds in it. When a company researches, develops, and sells an approved drug, it usually has both a generic name and the brand name that the company gives it. When other companies make and sell the same drug, they must do so under the generic name, as the brand name the original company gives it is copyrighted. The companies that produce the generic drug must ensure that the makeup of it is nearly identical to that of the brand name.

Many, many drugs are known under their generic and brand names. For example, ibuprofen is the generic name for Advil and Motrin. You likely see all of these names on a shelf in the store, because companies continue to sell their brand name pain-killers while other companies are allowed to produce and sell generic forms of it. The same goes for Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and other similar drugs that treat erectile dysfunction. In coming years, you will likely see generic names for these drugs on the shelves and likely priced much lower than their brand-name counterparts.

Generally, once companies begin producing generic forms of any drug, the price is much lower than the brand name, and so the brand name company also lowers its prices in order to keep up with the competition. This makes generics one of the key parts of cheaper drugs. However, this business trend is also what causes the need for patents, so that companies that first developed a drug can make back the money they spent on research before they must face pricing and market competition.

History of Viagra

Viagra hasn’t been around all that long, and many other drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction were developed shortly after it. The earliest form of Viagra – medically known as sildenafil citrate, or just sildenafil – was developed by two Pfizer scientists in the UK who were trying to treat heart disease and other similar issues. Two years later, another scientist was named in the official British patent for brand-name Viagra, also under Pfizer’s domain. The intent of Viagra was originally to treat high blood pressure and pain due to heart disease. Testing proved that it was mostly unsuccessful in that, but found that it does tend to give patients erections days after taking it. Thus, Pfizer focused instead on using it to treat erectile dysfunction and tested it as such. They were successful in developing a drug that helps men get and maintain an erection for a few hours after taking it. Ten years later, the FDA approved it for sale and prescription, making it the first drug of its kind on the market. It had the fastest growing sales of any prescription drug within the first few years of its release, partly due to an intense marketing campaign on Pfizer’s part. While similar drugs came onto the market in the following years, none were quite as successful.

In 2003, another drug, tadalafil, also known as Cialis, was approved for sale. Since then, a few other similar drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction have been released under different brand names. However, the exact chemical makeup that is Viagra is protected under Pfizer’s patent, and these other similar drugs are made up of different chemicals, though they serve to treat the same problem. In 2011, Pfizer’s US patent on Viagra was extended until 2019/2020. It is still one of the best selling drugs for erectile dysfunction.

Similar medications

In the years following the development and sale of Viagra, a number of similar drugs were developed to also treat erectile dysfunction. One of these was brand name Cialis, generic form known as tadalafil. Tadalafil was developed not long after sildenafil, and was somewhat inspired by and helped by the research scientists at Pfizer were doing on sildenafil. Because it is a different drug, chemically, the company that produces it, Eli Lilly Company, received its own patent and directly competes with Pfizer in the US today. Because of this patent though, other companies in the US cannot produce and sell generic Cialis either.

One of the other most popular drugs for treating erectile dysfunction is Levitra, generic name vardenafil. Just like Cialis, it too has its own patent and cannot be reproduced in the US. All of these companies have patents that expire at different times in different countries (though some countries have never granted any patent for any of these). In the US, these patents will expire at different times as well, and these companies can negotiate deals to allow other producers to sell them if they so wish.

Viagra cost, regulation and patents in the US

With most medications on the market, the company that originally developed it receives a patent, ensuring that only that company will be able to sell the medication for a certain amount of years. Patents allow the company to make back the money it spent on research and development of the drug, before someone else can begin profiting off of it. Patents were developed to encourage further research and innovation, and in many ways they do that. Nowadays though, there are issues with patents being extended and extended due to deals with courts. That is why some patents can seem to extend on for a long time, making it impossible to get affordable generics in the US. Eventually, these patents do expire. When they do, any company is allowed to produce and sell the medication under its generic name. Because any company can sell it, the price tends to drop dramatically. As different companies are competing to sell the same drug, they have to charge less to stay competitive. Even the original name brand drug tends to lower its price to stay competitive in the market.

Because patents are issued by courts, the laws and regulations controlling them differ from country to country. A pharmaceutical company that is international, or wants to sell its drugs internationally, will have different patents (of different lengths) in each country. In some countries, they may not be granted at all, and companies based there are allowed to produce the generic drug immediately. In many countries with socialized healthcare, patents tend to be shorter and prices more controlled, as the government intervenes and does not allow one company to monopolize the drug.

In Canada, Pfizer lost its Viagra patent in 2012. In the UK, 2013. When it did, the price dropped about 90% in those countries as other companies began immediately producing the generic form of the drug. Countries like China and India never even issued an official patent for it, so as soon as companies got approval from their respective food and drug regulation offices, they were able to begin producing and selling it. Pharmaceutical companies in those countries have been approved to produce and sell generic Viagra for many years, and often ship it out of the country for sale as well.

The real reason Viagra is expensive

Patents are the main cause of the very high price of Viagra in the US. Until the patents on Viagra and other similar drugs expire, these pharmaceutical companies can essentially charge whatever price they want, with no competition. In the US, Viagra requires a prescription, though many insurance companies do not offer any or full coverage for its purchase. Because insurance companies will not pay for it, or require a co-pay, it may seem outrageously expensive to many. These patents also make it difficult for anyone within the US to buy affordable generic forms of drugs. Credit card companies will often block transactions that involve shipments from other countries for this reason. While neighbors to the North are already enjoying cheaper, competitive pricing on these generics, US citizens are forced to overpay and wait until these patents expire.

How you can get Viagra cheaper

The best way to get a cheaper form of Viagra is to buy the generic form. If the company still has a patent in your country, then you must order the generics from a company in a country where the patent has expired or was never granted. This goes for Viagra and similar drugs as well. Many countries outside of the US already have expired Viagra patents, or never issued patents in the first place. India is one of the most prominent countries for producing generic Viagra and has been doing so for years. Unlike some countries, they do not put regulations on exporting these drugs. You can, for instance, buy generic Viagra from India, for a fraction of the price of brand-name medications in the US.

Viagra cost at online stores

There are a number of online retailers who work with pharmaceutical companies in other countries to ship generics into the US. They work with producers in countries where the patent on these medications has long since expired, or never existed in the first place. Of course, they also only work in countries where pharmaceutical companies are approved by their governments to manufacture such drugs, and likely where people can readily obtain them from drug stores and their doctors. Generic Viagra cost at online pharmacy is only $0.99 if you buy 100 tablets.

Buy generic Viagra from India

India is one of the most popular locations to buy generic Viagra and other similar drugs from. Because the patent for many of these medications was never granted there, pharmaceutical companies have been making and selling generic forms of erectile dysfunction drugs for many years. You can buy generic erectile dysfunction drugs from India without a prescription, and order as many or as few as you like. India produces generic forms of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. They can ship around the world, though the US is where these generics are most popular, due to such high costs. Because there is no need for a prescription, customers can order any size batch of these generics, without having to go to a doctor multiple times or refill prescriptions. It’s easy to order online and pay with credit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin. Shipments come in discreet packaging.

Start getting affordable generics

If you currently take or want to take medication for erectile dysfunction, consider purchasing generic forms of these drugs. Ordering Viagra online is the best way to ensure you’re not being abused by the regulations and patents that exist on these drugs. You don’t have to wait until 2019 or beyond, when these patents will finally expire. It’s very possible that these companies will continue to battle for extended patents so that they can continue to monopolize pricing and make heavy profits from customers in the US. Other countries are not allowing these companies to extend patents and charge such high amounts. Men all over the world are already enjoying the competitive pricing of generic drugs. So browse Viagra online offerings for these generics, and see how much you can save.

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